Nigeria @60: Sen. Okonkwo Sues for Peace, Unity

Annie Clement Okonkwo

As Nigeria marks the 60th milestone of its existence as a sovereign nation, Senator Annie Clement Okonkwo has joined millions of citizens and friends of Nigeria to celebrate her 60th year of freedom and autonomy, saying that unity and peace remain the vehicle to national development.

The senator, who represented Anambra Central in Senate, noted through a press release it issued on Thursday that with peace and unity, the federal government would remain focused and committed to promoting sound economic management, good governance, fostering economic and social development without distractions.

He stated: “I call on those involved in all acts of ethnic, communal and other forms of intra-state conflicts to cease fire and channel their strengths on things that will profit us as a nation.

According to Okonkwo, the current spate of insecurity has no doubt affected Nigeria as a nation giving room for the emergence of chronic conditions of poverty, unemployment, and inequality
in the country.

Speaking further, Okonkwo called on the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to focus on putting an end to insecurity issue facing the country which has furthermore, affected the peace and unity of Nigerians to live together.