Lagos Ex-commissioner Declares Governorship Ambition for 2023


By Segun James

The race for the Lagos State Governorship seat has already commenced as former state Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, yesterday declared his intention to contest for the position in 2023.

The former commissioner, who is of the Awori stock, the people that make the majority of indigenes in the state, said it was time for his people to be allowed to produce the next governor of the state.

Abdullateef, who declared his intention yesterday, said if given the opportunity to govern Lagos State, he is determined to make the difference that the state urgently needs.

He stressed that he was making his ambition known now, more than two years, before the next election because he wants the people to be aware of his ambition at the right time.

The former commissioner called on Lagosians to join his political movement to turnaround the fortune of the state, adding that his leadership would represent justice and fairness for all irrespective of the tribe, ethnic or religious affiliations.

Abdullateef, who was also former Amir Hajj of Lagos, said his intention to contest was also as a response to call by Lagosians who had been following his trajectory in public offices and found him worthy of leading the state to prosperous and enviable heights.

Expressing optimism in tackling Lagos challenges, he said there was a need for residents across the state to experience what Lagos could become if managed by good manager of human and resources, which necessitated his intention to lead the state and give Lagosians pride of place in the management of their affairs.

On his expectation from Lagosians, the former commissioner said: “We expect Lagosians to know that nothing is impossible. We want them to know that a time is coming when votes will begin to count. And when vote begin to count, we want them to ensure that they support the idea of bringing to leadership the people who have what it takes in term of competence and commitment as well as fear of God to lead, and that is what I represent. I believe I will have the support of the people when the time comes. Right now, it is not about campaign, it is a movement, and when we get to that we shall cross the bridge.”