Thankyou Invites Partnership from P&G,Unilever to Fight Poverty

Australia-based social enterprise, ‘Thankyou’ has extended invitation to leading consumer goods companies, Procter&Gamble and Unilever to make and distribute Thankyou products,as part of efforts to tackle poverty globally.

In realising this goal, the organisation is asking people around the world to get involved in its ‘No Small Plan’ campaign.

Thankyou offers consumer products – personal care and baby product ranges – for the sole purpose of funding life-changing projects.

Founded in 2008, the organisation sought to close the gap between the 736 million people living in extreme poverty around the world and the $63 trillion spent on consumer products each year.

Founder of Thankyou, Daniel Flynn, stated that that the modus operandi of the firm was such that sought to flip consumerism for good by making sure that every last cent it realises goes to end poverty after deducting operational costs.

He said, “With $63 trillion spent on consumer goods each year while 736 million people are stuck in extreme poverty, we believe that business as usual is broken.

“But we also believe that we, together with people and a partnership with one of the two biggest companies in the world, can change this by funneling the dollars spent on consumer goods into helping end extreme poverty.”

Currently, Thankyou only sells its products in Australia and New Zealand, but with COVID-19 increasing both global poverty numbers and demand for personal care products such as hand sanitiser, the company is recognising the need to expand its footprint.

Flynn noted that bringing P&G and Unilever on board would stir and expedite the realisation of the organisation’s goal to change the course of history and route millions of consumer dollars to ending extreme poverty.

Thankyou has set virtual meetings with both companies to take place at the end of the campaign.

By November 5, the organisation will announce its partners in one of the largest digital billboards in the world, in New York City’s Times Square.

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