World Water Monitoring Day: Law & Logan Calls for Regular Testing of Water

Dr Oyeleke Ajiboye

Rebecca Ejifoma

Law & Logan Energy & Engineering Company has encouraged Nigerians to practice regular testing and monitoring of water resources in their homes and organisations to help them determine their hygienic status.

The firm made this call in a media release issued on Thursday to mark World Water Monitoring Day observed every September 18.

In celebration of World Water Monitoring Day, the Managing Director, Law & Logan Energy & Engineering Company, Dr Oyeleke Ajiboye described water as an essential amenity for human survival.

He argued that in developing countries like Nigeria, rapid advancement in various facets of the economy is critical for growth. However, this advancement, often leads to establishment of more industrial organisations especially in urban and suburban areas.

“Unfortunately, many industrial organisations are known for producing hazardous wastes which are often discharged into water bodies and over time become responsible for diseases such as typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea,” says Ajiboye.

Now World Water Monitoring Day known as a global annual celebration aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of safeguarding water resources around the world.

It encourages people to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies. The MD added, “Water is one of the most common and valuable resources on earth as it is a basic component of human life.”

Sadly, he cited that over one billion people globally lack direct access to uncontaminated water and over 60 million Nigerians lack access to safe drinking water.

In his perspective, water pollution has many sources but the most common are industrial waste, solid waste and sewage.

According to Ajiboye, it is estimated that over 7.6 billion tons of industrial waste is produced every year and over 32 million tons of solid waste is generated annually in Nigeria with only 20 to 30 er cent properly collected and managed.

He bemoaned that in Nigeria, this necessity is not for all to enjoy, noting that urbanisation and industrialisation have contributed significantly to the large scale of pollution in our water.

“Disposal of refuse in our homes is also most times not properly done and this refuse can find its way to the water canals which eventually will lead to drinking untreated water.

“Inappropriate construction and erection of buildings have led to the obstruction of water inflow to communities,” he maintained.

Ajiboye further encouraged “regular testing and monitoring of water resources in our homes and organisations would help us to determine and remain assured of their hygienic status”.

He said this could be done by using a simple test kit or engaging the services of a water treatment professional or company.

He implored: “Water quality parameters to look out for include temperature, acidity (pH), clarity (turbidity) and dissolved oxygen (DO).”

Law & Logan provides water treatment solutions of all types for domestic purposes, industrial turnkey plants among others. Its goal is to improve access to clean and safe water for Nigerians.

Its team members are fully equipped with the technical and practical know-how that guarantees cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to meet water quality requirements.

His words: “Law and Logan is a water and wastewater treatment company with cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services that ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water.”

The indigenous company, which is a division of Efficacy Group, has over the years proven to be a formidable and enviable energy and environmental engineering firm in Nigeria.