Bolatito Salami: Covid-19 Lockdown made Families Bond Together

Bolatito Salami

The Chief Executive Officer of Zanzeespabeautynstyle, Bolatito Salami has shared her experience of the six-month Covid-19 pandemic lockdown of how it impacted her family and business.

The 42-year-old revealed: “My kind of business is beauty and fashion and it’s one of the few sectors that was adversely affected by the pandemic because fashion and beauty is the last that comes to mind when people are thinking of survival. The lockdown prevented all social gathering. And with people locked in their home, there was zero demand for our products, which is basically cloth.”

Looking at the positive side of the lockdown period, she said: “The new normal affected my total view of life. Transacting business changed dramatically and without a lot of business going, we got used to how to work online and also work from home. Then, we see a lot of families bonding together, most especially the nuclear family. This allowed me to personally bond with my family and loved ones.”

Ekiti State-born Salami, a beauty therapist, who personally run Zanzeespabeautynstyle, which comprises of Luxurious Day Spa, Saloon and Exclusive Boutique, also spoke about up and down f entrepreneurship, stating that entrepreneurs must be ready to brave challenges.
“For my kind of business, what has been the most challenging is customer management as there’re no two customers that are the same. Every customer has her peculiarity, but I’ve been able to manage that aspect to a large extent through prompt customer service and effective service delivery.”

On how she keeps her customers satisfied, she offered an insight: “I make sure we deliver beyond customers’ value expectation and this has endeared our customers to us and enhanced business growth through customers’ referrals. We also make sure our styles are peculiar to us and I make bold to say we are always the first to design a new style.”