The Biase in Executing Terwase Agwaza


It is unfortunate to see sentiments in everything done in this country. The execution of terrorists is now done according to tribe and religion.

Those terrorising the country in the name of Allah get preferential treatment from the government after their arrest. They undergo rehabilitation, get scholarship to study and acquire education and many more.

However, other terrorists that have not been using the name of Allah in their operations and they are not from a certain tribe get executed after surrendering themselves to the authority. What a pity!

This is an encouragement to those killing in the name of Allah, that are from a certain tribe and religion. As far as their killings are in Allah’s name and they are from a certain tribe and religion, they are entitled to free education, rehabilitation and many more after being arrested.

The killing of Terwase Agwaza, popularly known as Gana, is an obvious proof. I have been criticising the activities of the late Agwaza the same way I criticise those of Boko Haram, armed bandits, Fulani herdsmen and other groups terrorising the country but I am against the military and the Nigerian government for being biased in their dealings with the citizenry.

Why execute someone who came willingly and surrendered himself to the authority, but giving special treatment to those who have done worst and refused to surrender, captured by the same military; and thereafter released back to the society because they were killing in the name of Allah?

The tribal and religious sentiments, government’s support to the Boko Haram members and the herdsmen are very obvious and we must rise in unison to stop this before it is too late.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja