GText Homes Introduces New Features to its Services

  • Plans to create jobs

Taking into consideration the dynamism of the real estate sector in the world and the importance of promptness in attending to customers need, leader in the real estate sector in Nigeria, GText Homes has introduced new features to its service.

Speaking on his post COVID-19 plans in Lagos during the launch last week at the GTEXT Lounge, CEO of Gtext, Stephen Akintayo emphasizes that the real estate industry could solve unemployment in Nigeria and help boost the economy. He further highlighted , “Why we see many people coming, from agriculture, you need real estate, even pharmaceutical, almost everything needs land to stand on it. Also when you look at COVID-19, a lot of people feel it would probably reduced the sector, no, it just changed the sector. There would be more residential accommodation than commercial going forward, and thank God that’s the space we play, we play more in the residential accommodation. We are also working on a cooperative, that we will launch very soon, which is a tech cooperative to start building tech hubs, just as you have a silicon valley where everything is there. It’s a place you live in, work in and everything you need is just there.’’

Asides the above, Gtext Homes Limited holds the credit for being the first fully virtual real estate company in Nigeria, they also boast of a 24/7 CRM sales team. This is asides taking pride in the launch of “The Investment” Chat in a Beetle (A.K.A The Beetle Show) and having the first of its kind realtor’s lounge.

Attesting to the credibility of Gtext Homes Limited, Fuji Musician, Abass Akande Obesere, a brand ambassador of the real estate company stated that, ‘Gtext Homes Limited appreciates me and that is why they made me a brand ambassador. I believe in them as well. Prior to my signing with them, I did my findings and realised that they are a very dependable, and reliable company.’