Nigerians in Diaspora Ask Buhari to Disband Cabinet

Muhammadu Buhari

• Say present team can’t deliver

Tobi Soniyi

Nigerians in diaspora have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to disband his cabinet, saying that those working with the president now would not allow him to deliver on his campaign promises.

The Coordinator, Nigerian Diaspora Network, Mr Samuel Atolaiye made the call in a telephone interview with our correspondent.

Atolaiye is a United States of America based engineer mobilising Nigerians abroad for the task of helping to build their fatherland.

He noted that while the president’s integrity and incorruptibility was not in doubt, the same could not be said of the people working for him.

He said: “Watching President Buhari publicly admitting that the people he trusted have betrayed him is most troubling to say the least.

“There is no doubt that the president has good intentions for Nigeria as a country, but his lieutenants appear to be busy helping themselves instead of the people.

“The President cannot succeed with such people around the president unless something urgent and strategic that kick-starts an effective process is done.”

Atolaiye said that the atrocities being committed by those Buhari appointed into office to help him were proof that they did not share the same appropriation with the president.

He said: “How do we explain the award of Contract at NDDC? Where we learnt on the television that one will not need more than N30 million to do a contract awarded for N700 million?

“Or NNPC where a particular refinery is not generating profit for over two years and the management is getting bonuses and contracts are being awarded without merits?

Or where we borrow money from the Chinese government and bring in Chinese labourers who pose as professionals at the expense of Nigerian graduates without employment?”

He said that if the atmosphere was conducive, Nigerians in the Diaspora were ready to bring in their expertise to help the nation develop.

He said: “Nigerians in the Diaspora are doing very well in the strata of the society where they are located. They excel in complex situations and get things done.

“These are the people we are discussing with who have the interest of the Nigerian people and are willing to bring in creative ideas that will have a significant impact in resolving developmental issues.

“Make no mistake, these people are not coming to beg for contracts, instead they are willing to use their contacts to bring in capitals to develop our nation.”

He advised Buhari to continue to issue executive orders that would make doing business in Nigeria easier.

He said: “I will advise the president to put in place conditions that will make it easy to do business in Nigeria. This will motivate investors to come to do business in Nigeria. Investors are pouring in droves to Rwanda, Morocco and Kenya because of the ease of doing business.”

He said that investors in America would dare not come to Nigeria to invest their hard-earned money because of the stories they heard about the way business was being done in Nigeria.

“If we want development, we need to be able to make the atmosphere conducive for potential investors. Once we gain the confidence of investors, our infrastructures and economy will experience the needed boost”, he added.