Purple Shelves Releases Two Books in August


By Yinka Olatunbosun

Purple Shelves Publisher has announced the release of two books for the month of August namely ‘Get Set March’ and ‘Clearing Your Mental Deck’. Written by Ben Peter who is a management professor at the Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma USA, the books are the latest in the works of the author of Build Up: The Money Cook Book; Principles of The Top and Money Code which was co-authored by Charles E. Eromosele.

On the one hand, “Get Set March” exposes the reader to developing winning strategies and draw successful execution plans for vision. On the other hand, “Clearing Your Mental Deck” helps to build the strength to focus on the most important attributes for success and self-actualization.

The CEO, Purple Shelves Publisher, Amara Chimeka expressed delight over the feat, adding that the publishing outfit is proud to be associated with the author. “Ben Peter’s antecedents speak with result” Mrs. Chimeka said while adding that the two books possess the ingredients to make immediate impact on readers. “These books will change your outlook on life, business and your interpersonal skills. We are so proud to be associated with the author.”

In the words of squadron leader Emmanuel Alexander– a strategic thinker & international best-selling author “Get Set March’ is a clarion call to action for individuals and organizations. It provides clarity on the processes of how ideas are formed, developed and harnessed, outlining practicable steps for converting cognitive resources to diverse possibilities. This is not just another book of mind science, but a propeller of sort to help individuals and organizations master the art of winning always.” Alexander also has this to say about the second book: “Succeeding in today’s sociopolitical and economic world requires an inside-out approach, using the mind as a tool for strategic thinking and repositioning. ‘Clearing Your Mental Deck’ is a mind-shaping, internal reconfiguration, renovation, and rejuvenation resource, to set you on course for a life of unending success and impact.”

Ben Peter is an internationally known business executive, leadership scholar, author, and business development expert, widely regarded as one of the leading business strategists around the world. He has helped countless people to reignite their passion for life through health products, live events, personal mentoring, and coaching. He is a Professor of Management and also the Chairman and CEO of five privately held companies.

He has a Ph.D. and an MBA in Business Management, and over fifteen years’ experience in the financial services, motivational speaking and coaching, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and direct selling industries.

His personal life story is a source of immense inspiration to so many people. He believes that working hard is not enough. You have got to work smart with a high dose of discipline and willingness to be intentional with every goal and vision of greatness you have. His books also carry that same philosophy.