Rotary Club Plants over 150 Trees in Lekki


Ezekiel Okpuzor

As part of efforts to set-up a healthier environment and beautification, The Rotary Club of Lekki Golden, District 9110 in conjunction with Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK), has planted over 150 trees at Adewumi Adebimpe Drive, Lekki Phase 1.

According to The Rotary Club of Lekki Golden, installation of trees would be a great benefit to the environs and the best gift for generations to come.

Speaking at the event which was held in Lagos recently, the President, Rotary club of Lekki Golden, Chima Aja-Chima, disclosed that:

“We have enumerated tree planting to be a means to put things in line with the climate change concerns and keeping the environment green, to give out oxygen and working in collaboration with Lagos state and the vision and mission of rotary international.

“Whenever we see the flood that happens in Lagos, there seem to be a good awareness that something has to be done and LASPARK is addressing it and rotary is collaborating with them in line with our vision.”

Chima noted that, the club would engaged themselves in one year maintenance contract and surveillance to fulfill the vision of the club and LASPARK.

The District Chairman, Plant Earth Committee, Jelili Efedi, commended the president and the club generally for the auspicious movement.

“I can tell you that what Lekki Golden has done today from the beginning of the road to the end of it, anytime you come around here you would see that the place is well beautified, the benefits to we humans through the process of photosynthesis, the leaves emit oxygen and that oxygen is what we humans and animals alike use to live, it makes the environment cleaner and fresher and also helps to avert erosion.

“Tree planting is highly needed in our community especially Lagos and Ogun state districts, let me also emphasize on the fact that the president of this club has made support to the environment as one of our area of focus which is a 7th one out of the six that we had earlier on.

“ It entails tree planting, waste management, advocacy for a greener environment and I can tell you that tree planting is the main point when we talk abpout support to the environment.”

The Charter Secretary, Rotary Club of Lekki Golden, Ope Allen, “if you look at what is going on in the world right now, there is a lot of climate change, extreme weather conditions, which is on the rampage, the environment needs to be protected, planting trees supports the environment by giving out clean air to mitigate negativity, the environment by giving out clean air to mitigate the hazards of chemical and gaseous emission which can contribute to human wellbeing and detrimental to the environment.”

In her remarks , the Charter President, , Rotary Club of Lekki Golden, Winifred Igweonwu, said that: “We know that the level of deforestation is very high, Quite frankly the only way we can salvage the level of deforestation we have in the country today is to plant as many trees as possible. And today the Rotaryclub of Lekki Golden has here planted over 150 trees.

” So we are actually in partnership with hitech horticulturists who will manage these trees that we have planted here today for a period of one year by that time the trees

would have had strength enough to be sustained on their own.”