Bittersweet Romance…For Ikedi Ohakim

Ikedi Ohakim

When William Congreve wrote, “Heav’n has no rage, like love to hatred turn’d, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn’d,” it is likely that several hundred folks unreluctantly nodded their heads and agreed. In the light of recent events, former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim, is being used by the gods of high life and society to remind us that Congreve’s observation is an everlasting fact.

Reputation and decency were recently put to flight in the latest episode of “How Not to Wash Your Dirty Linen in Public.” In this episode, it was reported that Ohakim and a lady—who is remarkably too independent to be a romantic limb—had decided to take their private matters away from closed doors and share it with the public’s best friend, the police. Although the affair is still running, it appears to be a case of old affections and old money.

For those who may have forgotten, Ikedi Ohakim was the governor before Rochas Okorocha (between 2007 and 2011), who contested in 2019 and lost. For extra reference, it was Ohakim that led an expedition to Taiwan to learn from and perhaps emulate the mechanics of the Taiwanese economy.

Back to the gist…So, the police were brought in on the matter involving Ohakim and a businesswoman, Chinyere Amuchienwa, with matters arising from alleged romantic entanglement, debts, and a spider’s web of defamatory storytelling.

Ohakim allegedly reported that the 56-year-old Amuchienwa arranged that they meet at BON Hotel in Asokoro, Lagos, for what he thought was a friendly 8 pm meeting. Alas, said he, she came in, physically assaulted him, and almost took his phone. However, he said, he struggled with her and dashed out of the hotel room while she rummaged in her bag for a gun. Thereafter, he called the police, who charitably conveyed them both to the station for an interview.

Madam Amuchienwa’s telling of the same event is markedly different. According to her, the 63-year-old Ohakim is an old lover who has refused to pay for certain luxury goods (designer’s suitcase, bags, shoes, perfumes, etc.) that he took away from her shop in Lagos. It was Ohakim, she said, who invited her to the hotel, grabbed her phone, ran out, and called the police. The only reason she went over, she said, is that Ohakim still owes her and is still unwilling to pay.

The case is still pending and will likely remain a thorn in the flesh of the former governor, his lawyerly wife of 39 years, and their children and grandchildren.