A Nation of God and Mammon


Ever wondered why Nigeria, or say, a section of the country remains as helplessly backward as it seems? Look no further. The signs are evident and the choice to so be is deliberate.

Put differently Nigeria’s misguided leadership and followership, a majority of the reasons for her lack of development in many areas is not only innate, it also underscores the hypocrisy of her double standards.

A Kano State court, adopting the sharia law, recently sentenced a singer, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu to death by hanging for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Mohammed. The news was so bewildering that even the world’s renowned terrorist, Abubakar Shekau was shocked. He protested and condemned the judgment.

Now, this is happening in a nation, which appears to delight in rehabilitating terrorists, who had murdered hundreds of innocent souls and even plans to send them abroad to further their education. So, are you still confounded as to why Nigeria is like this?

The Prophet so allegedly blasphemed was known to be a man of peace, who would rather an unbeliever, was converted and made to see the beauty in Islam and by extension, increase the number of Islamic faithful. But Nigeria’s Muslims, who ‘know better than the original owners of the religion’, are adept at misinterpreting all the sound doctrines of Islam. What a nation of God and Mammon!