Glad Tidings! Billionaire Industrialist Abdul Samad Rabiu Is 60

Abdul Samad Rabiu

The dynamic Chairman and visionary boss of BUA Group, AbdulSamad Rabiu, clocked 60 years on August 4, 2020. As a man of deeds in industry and philanthropy, the day marked a culmination of objectives and dreams, to the delight of business space and the society. Thus, Rabiu’s social media addresses were crammed with goodwill messages from every corner of Nigeria—and Africa.

If it were anyone else, there might have been a party from Damaturu to Dubai. However, very few people in the world can claim equal footing with AbdulSamad Rabiu with regard to financial contributions toward fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, having a small gathering of relatives, friends, and business associates was a small price to pay for the billionaire entrepreneur and celebrated philanthropist.

At 60, AbdulSamad Rabiu is a legend in three different spaces: lineage, business, and philanthropy. These are the frames that Rabiu has been measured in recent years, and the advantages he has been demonstrated to have over the present generation.

Born in Kano to one of the most accomplished and renowned early Nigerian industrialists, Khalifah Isyaku Rabiu, Rabiu had the substructure of lineage available to him. This influenced early motifs, such as bearing, values (in degree and depths), education, et cetera. This was Rabiu’s foundation and origin, all of which he made the most of, to the point of surpassing their trajectories.

Rabiu at 60 is a product of an industrialist’s heritage, whose social standing far outclassed the peak successes of his forebears.

In business, little needs to be said about Rabiu. His BUA Group continues to exist as a leading conglomerate in manufacturing, infrastructure, and agriculture and is allegedly currently worth over a trillion naira. Rabiu’s business style and dynamism have led to his frequent mention in the reputed Forbes list.

In fact, Rabiu’s establishment has led to his renown as an empire builder and a genius of determined industry.
It is reported that almost nobody else in Nigeria made as much money as Rabiu during the lockdown. This is because his business structures are as sturdy as they are contemporary, filling gaps of physical inactivity with digital innovation, and vice versa.

That’s our AbdulSamad Rabiu.
Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, Rabiu has made the most individual donations, especially in Nigeria, allegedly totalling over 7 billion, and it doesn’t look like he’s done. The donations have pulled him out of the typical cocoon of corporate indifference and made him a darling of the people.

AbdulSamad Rabiu is one of those who strike a balance between personal growth and societal obligation. At 60, he remains the envy of his contemporaries in business and philanthropy: headlights for his seniors and a lighthouse for juniors.