‘Diri Will Disappoint Persons Who Seek Individual Gain’

Gov. Douye Diri

Benson Agadaga, Chief of Staff, Government House Bayelsa state alerts the public to the fact Governor Douye Diri may be making a departure from the past by not building powerful people but powerful institutions

Fishing, an age long activity has overtime proven to be one ladden with so much benefits both physically and mentally. Perhaps this activity is the perfect case in point to corroborate the statement “patience is indeed a form of action.” Although it looks like a simple task, it is quite the opposite. I mean what’s there to just sit by a body of water with a fishing line waiting for a stray, hungry or probably greedy fish to come by? Far from it, there is a lot of conscious efforts that goes into it, in order to attain success and the ecstatic feeling one gets when hauling in the trophies in form of our little underwater friends.

The fishing tackles and equipments has to be carefully selected and prepared. The rods, lines, sinkers, floats, reels etc has to be in the order. Choosing the perfect bait is essential too. The angle of launch in the water has to be right and then the presence of mind to wait and seize the opportunity for a catch is indeed a conscious effort. Therefore, on careful examination, the whole activity is a well thought out process that involves planning and action to crown the hope of a successful outing by the river banks.

Leaders who understand illustrations like this are quite the gold mine for their followers. As you get an individual who is meticulous in the journey to attain success, growth and development. Senator Douye Diri, the governor of Bayelsa state has shown he is one of such leaders. The short time of his administration thus far, gives clear indications of someone with a clear vision of what he intends to achieve and one who is willing to put in the necessary work both mental and physical to achieve lasting results. With a wealth of experience and positive background, surely the right steps is inevitable.

Governor Diri has often made it clear that he doesn’t intend to build up powerful people but powerful institutions, a mentality of continuity of growth and development for the long term and the efforts of the present and past accomplishments in various roles in government, are in agreement with the idea of greater things to come for the state. There is hope and anticipation building up nicely for the best results to be attained.

Clearly, an improved civil service sector is the carefully prepared fishing rod to uphold the catch, the reconciliatory stand and stretched hand of cooperation is typical of the fishing lines and a state of improved peace, security and stability is the perfect bait to lure investors and development. All these are the first boxes currently being ticked off by Senator Diri’s administration, actions which should nicely stroke the hopes of the masses for greater things to come. There is tangible assurance of dialogue and a well thought out blueprint of actions to ensure quality delivery and manifestation of the prosperity agenda the Governor holds for Bayelsa state.

For someone aptly named “The Miracle Governor” victory is eventually habitual in the long run. The victory handed down recently by the Supreme Court ruling, striking out the pleas by Chief Timi Alaibe, is just another in a long line of many to come. It was a victory for democracy and the Governor wasted no time to stretch forth a hand of cooperation in line with his reconciliatory strategy as an essential tool to further the prosperity agenda for the state. Senator Diri immediately made it clear that it should be seen as a “no victor no vanquished” scenerio and that now that the case is settled, all hands must be on deck to carry out the mandate given to his administration by the good people of Bayelsa state.

Jonas Salk rightly declared that “hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” and thats exactly what this government Intends to do with a carefully thought out plan and strategy to better the livelihoods of Bayelsans both now and for the future. The hope of better things to come is most times anchored on past occurrences in close to similar opportunities. Senator Diri’s past achievements doesn’t only draw a ray but powerful beams of hope for spectacular success in the nearest future more so as it concerns youth empowerment and societal development.

Being a youthful person both at heart and by extension physically, the success he achieved as a Commissioner for Youth and Sports under the Goodluck Jonathan administration in the state cannot be overemphasized. The state Ministry of Sports recorded unprecedented highs during his time at the helm, with representatives of the state at many levels recording success in both local and international competitions. Perhaps the highlights was when Bayelsa United and Bayelsa Queens tested glory in the National male and female football league competitions. Stakeholders were quick to point out that the success of those teams were mostly anchored on the unwavering support of the ministry with Senator Diri as commissioner, both mental and welfare wise.

The automatic employment policy enacted by Senator Diri for excellent sport persons then, is still resonating well through the sport sector as most of the people drafted into gainful employment have gone ahead to continue to empower the youths starting from the grassroots to higher levels. Such is the continous growth and development the Governor so craves and is committed to delivering on a larger scale now in his capacity as a Governor. Sports and youth development is a pivotal part of societal growth as it has a positive butterfly effect on other sectors. Engaged youths is indeed a recipe for reduced crime rate.

Other highlights of his time as commissioner for sports includes the great good done for youth development by grass-root competitions such as the Restoration Cup Competion and perhaps most notably that Bayelsa state recorded an all time high position of overall 4th in the National Sports Festival. Stakeholders and sports personnel declared that motivation and performance was indeed boosted by prompt payment of renumerations and bonuses in due time, a similar path taken immediately this administration was inaugurated with the much admired civil service and pension reforms going on in the state, improving the welfare of both serving and retired civil servants.

Indeed one faithful with the smaller tasks and capacities will definitely exceed expectations in greater roles. There is hope of greater things to come for all sectors as Bayelsa has at the helm, someone who not only has a track record of delivering excellent resluts but also one who has the passion to build sustainable growth and is shown clearly in the policies and principles he supports. As a law maker, Senator Diri once moved a motion for the establishment of a National Fitness Day bill, having a good understanding and passion for physical health and well being. In his desire for optimum performance, he was also a protagonist for the anti-doping bill to ensure athletes abide by laid down rules and standards for competitions.

A physical health enthusiast himself, it is not hard to see why he looks youthful and energetic at all times and it is this energy that he intends to use and pursue the goal of youth empowerment and development in the state. This hope was once again assured as Senator Diri entertained the recently elected members of the Ijaw Youth Council, congratulating them and further reiterating the need for all hands to be on deck to ensure sustainable growth and development. The pledge of youth empowerment and the assured hope of lasting societal development is laid bare by Senator Diri’s past records. Indeed if he did well then, he is much capable of more in this capacity more so that there is a divine hand upon his broad shoulders.

The actions of a visionary leader inspires others to dream more, learn more, hope more, do more and become more. The direct relationship between hope, patience, time, careful work and quality could be no more vividly expressed in a simple activity of fishing. One must be ready to do the careful work in other to attain the desired sustainable success. Governor Diri’s administration is anchored upon this principle. Irrespective of the challenges posed by the times we live in, work is going on behind the scenes to get the best possible hands and investments to ensure sustainable growth and development for Bayelsa state. There is indeed bright light at the end of the tunnel.