Defecting Aides Inconsequential in Obaseki’s Re-election Bid, Says Osagie

Crusoe Osagie
Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie

The Special Adviser to the Edo State Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, has dismissed as inconsequential, the recent defection of few political appointees and other members of the state Governor, Godwin Obaseki-led government to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a statement, Osagie said the defection is easily traced to the monetised campaign of the opposition, who, having realised that they are on the back foot, are buying the souls of persons within the government to boost the morale of their ebbing supporters.

According to him, “It is important to state that the recent defection of political appointees is not uncommon during elections, especially when the opposition wants to play mind game. They are inconsequential. But I assure you that the Edo people are seeing through the façade.

“In a government with over 800 aides spanning different structures in all the local government areas to the state level, the resignation of few persons after we have moved to a new political party is quite insignificant. So, they are inconsequential in the scheme of things.

“We are very confident that the Edo people are with us in the right path in this fight. Some people may be battle weary and decide to jump ship. We hold no grudge against them. But for this election and for the battle against the godfather that we have sworn to fight on behalf of the people, they may only count for collateral damage. We are undeterred.”

The governor’s adviser noted that the government is even more fired up to work for the benefit of the Edo people as persons who had worked as moles for the opposition are showing their true colours and creating the space for genuine supporters of the governor to get the opportunity to work for the state development.