Range Rover Sport Gains new Tech, Engines for 21 Model Year


By Bennett Oghifo

The Range Rover Sport – Land Rover’s most dynamic model ever – has gained a suite of upgrades to enhance its appeal as the ultimate luxury performance SUV.

A new generation of Land Rover’s six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines are confirmed for introduction on the Range Rover Sport*. They bring 48V Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) diesel technology to the Range Rover Sport for the first time and are RDE2-certified. Developed in-house, the new in-line engine is available in D250, D300 and D350 variants, with power outputs ranging from 183kW to 258kW.

The SV Premium Palette paint colour range, which makes lustrous colours and Satin finishes available to all Range Rover Sport customers, has been refreshed with eight new colours including Tourmaline Brown, Amethyst Grey-Purple and Petrolix Blue.

Inside, the purposeful cabin design and elegant details provide an undeniable sense of sporting luxury, while the seamlessly integrated Touch Pro Duo infotainment features enhance connectivity.

Advanced Tech

Enhancements to connectivity and security are also available for 21 Model Year Range Rover Sport models. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are offered as standard across all models, while up to eight 4G Wi-Fi connections can be made***, keeping the driver and passengers connected at all times.

The new embedded Spotify app also gives Spotify Premium subscribers instant access to millions of tracks and podcasts directly through Touch Pro Duo without the need to synchronise a smartphone with the vehicle.

Driver and passenger wellbeing has been enhanced with the Range Rover Sport’s Cabin Air Ionisation system, now with PM2.5 filtration. Simply controlled via a ‘Purify’ button within the touchscreen infotainment, the state-of-the-art set-up filters out fine dust particles and allergens, and neutralises odours, to provide a calm, relaxing, refined and healthy environment.

A full suite of safety and driver assistance technologies is available, including a choice of Drive Pro packs, plus Park and Park Pro packs. A configurable Interactive Driver Display and Head Up Display consolidate the Range Rover Sport’s range of technology features.

Two high-definition 10-inch Touch Pro Duo touchscreens form the centrepiece of the minimalist cabin. Fast and intuitive, the infotainment system combines finely engineered physical controls and a beautiful digital interface to deliver a truly connected driving experience. The twin touchscreens provide superior clarity and ease of use, with familiar tap, swipe and pinch-to-zoom control gestures on the upper screen. Customers can create shortcuts to preferred features on the customisable home screen.

Touch Pro Duo can dual-task, keeping maps on the upper touchscreen while providing easy access to further features on the lower display. By dividing information and controls logically between the two, the Range Rover Sport achieves an intuitive user experience where vital information remains in the driver’s view at all times.

The upper screen can be angled to counter glare and improve visibility. The fixed lower display manages more functional tasks such as climate control and seat and vehicle settings – including Terrain Response 2 functions. Two rotary Dynamic Dials within the lower screen are key to its design, controlling the cabin temperature, fan speed, seat climate and massage functions.

A range of LED headlight options across the Range Rover Sport line-up provide superior illumination. The energy-efficient lighting technology enhances the technical aspect of the exterior, while the light they produce is closer to daylight, making night driving less tiring.

All models feature signature daytime running lights, automatic headlights and power wash. The advanced LED technology offers four headlight options: Premium, Matrix, Pixel and Pixel-Laser. The standard Premium headlight package has 24 LEDs per vehicle, with Signature Running Lights and optional Auto High Beam Assist.

Power and efficiency

Alongside the existing range of powerful and refined petrol engines are the latest six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines that are smoother, more refined and more efficient than the engines they replace.

The new in-line designs meet Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) standards and Euro 6d-final real-world driving compliance with 48V Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology boosting responses and fuel economy. As a result, the new Ingenium unit is one of the world’s leading clean diesel engines.

All the engines available play to the Range Rover Sport’s high-performance character, with the new D350 diesel powering the luxury performance SUV from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds. With an impressive torque output of 700Nm, strong responses remain at the core of the Range Rover Sport experience and, with CO2 emissions of just 237g/km for the most powerful D350, customers gain traditional V8 diesel performance with six-cylinder efficiency.

Strong performance is backed up by an engaging drive that strikes a fine balance between dynamism and comfort. The Range Rover Sport’s advanced all-wheel drive and air suspension both constantly adapt and respond to road conditions, providing driver feedback and involvement, while retaining the superior refinement that customers expect. Lightweight aluminium construction is a key factor behind the Range Rover Sport’s agile handling and dynamic responses.


The plug-in hybrid electric P400e is the most fuel-efficient Range Rover Sport and can drive up to 41km in full electric mode with zero tailpipe emissions. The powerful 300PS (221kW) Ingenium petrol engine combines with an 105kW electric motor for a combined 297kW, so performance is uncompromised. The PHEV powertrain accelerates the Range Rover Sport from 0-100km in 6.7 seconds while returning as low as 3.3l/100km in WLTP tests.

A new Mode 3 cable means a full charge takes less than three hours from a wall box or public charging point, compared to 7.5 hours via a regular Mode 2 cable.

* Ingenium diesel engines with 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) tech will be introduced to the sub-Sahara Africa market at a later stage. Introduction dates will be confirmed at a later date.

** The full range of Ingenium diesel engine outputs may be subject to market availability.

*** 4G Wi-Fi capabilities are subject to market availability.

Meanwhile, the Range Rover celebrates 50 years of pioneering innovation, peerless refinement and unparalleled all-terrain capability with a choice of desirable new special editions and the introduction of a straight-six Ingenium diesel engine*.

The original luxury SUV has defined the market since 1970 and only 1,970 units of the new Range Rover Fifty model will be available, to celebrate the year of its world premiere half a century ago. The limited edition is joined by the Westminster and Westminster Black editions.

Land Rover has also confirmed the latest generation of smooth and efficient straight-six Ingenium diesel engines will debut in the Range Rover, incorporating 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology (MHEV) for reduced fuel consumption and heightened refinement. The new engine family, developed in-house, will be available in 183kW, 221kW and 258kW outputs**.

With its clamshell bonnet, distinctive floating roof and trademark front fender vents, the 2020 Range Rover can trace its roots back to the 1970 original. In its golden anniversary year it is the most efficient, connected, luxurious and capable yet.


Enhancements across the Range Rover line-up include the latest connected features, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offered as standard across the range. With Executive Class Seating and up to eight 4G Wi-Fi connections, the Range Rover remains the perfect remote working hub, or entertainment zone during long drives.

An embedded Spotify app gives customers instant access to more than 50 million tracks and more than 700,000 podcasts. Developed with Spotify, the new embedded app is integrated with the Touch Pro infotainment system so customers can enjoy their favourite playlists without even connecting their smartphone. Through the Spotify Connect feature, playback can resume from any other device when customers get into their car – from just where they left off for a seamless listening experience.

The music app is accessed via the Touch Pro Duo infotainment, which features two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens at the centre of the beautifully crafted cabin. Fast and easy to use, it combines finely engineered physical controls and an elegant digital interface to deliver a connected driving experience.

Passengers in the Range Rover have access to up to 17 electrical sockets ranging from USB plugs, HDMI connectors and 12V charging points, which are integrated discretely throughout the cabin. The luxury SUV also provides passengers in the second row with 10-inch rear seat entertainment touchscreens. Connectivity is equally generous, with provision for up to eight 4G Wi-Fi connections, making the Range Rover the perfect remote working hub***.

The Range Rover features an industry-leading choice of powerful Meridian audio systems, ranging from 380W or 825W Surround systems to the flagship 1700W Signature Sound System, providing 13, 19, and 29 speakers respectively in addition to a dual-channel subwoofer.

The Range Rover features the latest safety technologies, including; Lane Departure Warning, Emergency Braking, and Cruise Control with Speed Limiter available as standard across the model range. Adaptive Cruise Control is also available.

A series of comfort-enhancing functions transform the travelling experience for all occupants. The new Cabin Air Ionisation with PM2.5 from Nanoe, filters harmful particulates in the cabin, improving air quality for both drivers and passengers.

The PM2.5 system in the Range Rover is controlled using a soft button within the infotainment, named ‛Purify’. This initiates the recirculation function, cleaning the air and removing small particulates in the air, less than 2.5 micrometres in size, that are harmful to health.

By night, the Range Rover gives customers control over the cabin environment with three-zone ambient lighting. Occupants can tailor the atmosphere to create a calm, relaxing and stress-free environment by configuring the colour (from a choice of 10) and intensity of lighting via fully controllable tri-colour LEDs.

Theft prevention is also enhanced thanks to Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB) key technology which prevents keyless theft. The technology transmits the key signal over a wide range of frequencies to prevent criminals from being able to copy the signal, to access and start the vehicle without a fob.

Special Editions

To celebrate 50 years of a motoring icon, the limited-run Range Rover Fifty will be restricted to just 1,970 vehicles globally, in recognition of the year the original Range Rover was launched.

Building on the luxuriously appointed Autobiography, the Range Rover Fifty features a number of bespoke exterior accents in Auric Atlas and it is available with two 22” wheels, one with a unique finish.

The badging features a ‘Fifty’ script created personally by Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover’s Chief Creative Officer, which will appear on the exterior of the vehicle and throughout the interior on the unique “1 of 1970” centre console commissioning plaque, headrests, dashboard and illuminated treadplates.

The Range Rover Fifty will be available in standard and long wheelbase body designs with customers able to choose from four carefully curated exterior colours. In extremely limited numbers, Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations is also offering the Range Rover Fifty in one of three Heritage exterior solid paints reproduced from the original Range Rover paint palette; Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold and Davos White.

The new Westminster Edition is based on the Vogue model and will be available exclusively with a 386kW 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged engine in sub-Sahara Africa markets. Privacy Glass and 21-inch Diamond Turned Alloy Wheels set it apart on the outside and the new model is available in a range of solid, metallic and Premium Metallic finishes. Inside, Grand Black Veneers combine with a Suedecloth Headlining, a Sliding Panoramic Roof, Softclose Doors and a powerful 19-speaker Meridian Surround sound system.

The new Westminster Black Edition adds the Black Exterior Pack and customers are able to choose from three Gloss Black wheels ranging from a 21-inch nine spoke design to a distinctive 22-inch Gloss Black nine split-spoke design.

Ingenium 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine

The latest Ingenium diesel engines are the perfect choice for high-mileage customers and those who regularly tow. Based around Jaguar Land Rover’s modular aluminium engine architecture, the new in-line diesel engines are smoother and more refined than the previous generation of diesel engines and feature advanced 48V mild hybrid technology to meet the most stringent global emissions regulations.

These include the Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) standards, which govern nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, making the Range Rover among the first full-sized luxury and performance SUVs in the world to be available with RDE2-certified diesels. The highly efficient engines deliver improved responses by harvesting and storing energy generated during deceleration and intelligently redeploying it to assist the engine when accelerating.

The new mild-hybrid 3.0-litre D300 Ingenium diesel is capable of 8.6l/100km on the WLTP test cycle, emitting as little as 225g/km CO2. The more powerful D350 achieves 9.2l/100km with CO2 emissions of 241g/km on the WLTP cycle. As a result, the new flagship diesel provides superior performance to the previous V8 with the efficiency and weight of a six-cylinder design.

Plug-in Hybrid

The P400e is the most efficient version of the Range Rover. With a fully electric, zero-emissions range of 40km, the P400e combines an advanced 221kW four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with a 105kW electric motor. Powered by a 13.1kWh lithium-ion battery, the P400e delivers CO2 emissions of just 75g/km and fuel economy as low as 3.3l/100km on the WLTP combined cycle.

A new Mode 3 charging cable significantly reduces charging times for the P400e, with a full charge taking under three hours, compared to 7.5 hours when using a Mode 2 charging cable.


The Range Rover is at home in any environment with a natural habitat that extends from urban centres to country estates and beyond. Mixing traditional attributes such as excellent suspension geometry (ground clearance of up to 297mm) with cutting-edge technologies that include Terrain Response 2, the Range Rover delivers an unrivalled and confidence-inspiring combination of refinement, composure and capability.

Peerless ride quality, regardless of terrain or conditions, remains an essential part of the experience. The Range Rover features class-leading suspension design using advanced aluminium construction that combines poise, stability and an intuitive feel behind the wheel. The fully independent suspension comes with a wide-spaced double wishbone set-up at the front and an advanced integral link layout at the rear.

The Range Rover continues to take Land Rover’s legendary all-terrain capabilities to new heights with its industry-leading technologies and innovative all-wheel drive system. The Range Rover’s four-wheel-drive capability is managed by a transfer case design, which has a smart actuator controlled via a multi-plate clutch. The Active Rear Locking Differential further improves traction, while Adaptive Dynamics provides continuously variable damping for a supple and composed ride.

Electric Power Assisted Steering utilises variable-ratio speed-sensitive assistance to deliver a relaxed and natural driving experience, ensuring the Range Rover cossets and connects in equal measure.

Core to the new Range Rover’s off-road capabilities is Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 technology. Drivers are able to choose between Comfort, Dynamic, Grass/ Gravel/ Snow, Mud/Ruts, Sand, Rock Crawl and Eco modes – with the Range Rover’s suspension and ride settings automatically fine-tuned for each. Auto mode lets the system choose the most appropriate setting for the conditions.

Eco Mode also provides guidance on how to improve efficiency, while minimising electrical power consumption. It softens the throttle pedal response, modifies the gearshift patterns and switches off the heating for the door mirrors, steering wheel and seats to improve efficiency.

The Range Rover also benefits from Low Traction Launch, which helps exploit all available traction when pulling away on slippery surfaces, and All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC), which maintains a low crawl speed so the driver can concentrate solely on smoothly negotiating tricky terrain. When crossing water, the Range Rover is as capable as customers would imagine, with a maximum wading depth of 900mm.

When cruising at sustained speeds above 105km/h, the suspension automatically lowers the body by 15mm to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. At a standstill, Access Height lowers the vehicle by up to 50mm to help passengers enter and exit the vehicle, and the feature can be locked at up to 40km/h to help negotiate locations with height restrictions.

The Range Rover’s ride height can also be increased. Off-Road Ride Height 1 lifts the vehicle by as much as 40mm at speeds of up to 80km/h, while Off-Road Ride Height 2 raises the body by 75mm at speeds of up to 50km/h for the ultimate ground clearance of 297mm.

For towing and loading, drivers can control the height of the vehicle’s rear, which can be lowered by as much as 60mm for improved loading, or raised by 90mm to assist in the hitching of trailers when stationary, using controls at the side of the rear loadspace.

The new Range Rover also benefits from Advanced Tow Assist – one of the industry’s most advanced trailer reversing aids – which allows drivers to use the central touchscreen and rotary Terrain Response selector to steer the vehicle when reversing. Hitch Assist is also available to guide the vehicle and tow ball together via the same screen when attaching the trailer.

The new Range Rover and special edition Westminster and Westminster Black are expected to launch in sub-Sahara Africa toward the end of 2020.

* Ingenium diesel engines with 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) tech will be introduced to the sub-Sahara Africa market at a later stage. Introduction dates will be confirmed at a later date.

** The full range of Ingenium diesel engine outputs may be subject to market availability.

*** 4G Wi-Fi capabilities are subject to market availability.