Nigerian-British Solar Expert Advises FG on Constant Electricity for Nigerians

Henry Dumbiri

Rebecca Ejifoma

A Nigerian-born British expert in Solar Power, Dr. Henry Dumbiri, has called on the Federal Government to redouble its efforts while suggesting strategies to help the nation provide constant and sustainable electricity across the country.

The solar professional, however, suggested that government should focus more on the sustainable element of sourcing energy from non fossil fuel alternatives.

“We are living in unprecedented times where there’s a global call for countries to do more to reduce carbon footprints and diversifying our energy solutions from Oil has the opportunity to turbo charge our economy, create green jobs and enable sustainable, guaranteed power supply”, he said.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Primag Associates Limited noted that Solar Power has the potential to become the main electricity generation source in Nigeria.

Dumbiri, in an interview with journalists, said that Nigeria as a country is very well placed geographically and benefits from an almost 50/50 split between daylight and darkness, adding that power generation should not really be an issue compared with daylight to darkness ratios experienced by most western countries.

While describing the current generation of electricity between 2,500 to 4,000MW as laughable, Dumbiri noted that by harnessing the opportunities with solar energy, government could channel more resources and political will into building the infrastructures that will allow domestic dwellings, business premises to generate and export excess electricity into the National Grid.

The CEO further noted that this would reduce the burden on the country’s ageing power stations.