The Associated Press reported that President Donald Trump campaign event in Tulsa in June could have been a cause or contributor to a surge of new cases. Are we surprised?

Although I have no medical knowledge beyond high school science and Dr Google, there are some things that seem obvious.

Viruses spread fast and everywhere; viruses are not racist as they infect anyone; viruses do not discriminate by age, any age, even 74- year- old presidents, could get it although it seems to hit older people harder.

Staying away from other people makes it harder to spread, going to a crowded event makes it easier for the virus to spread although fortunately only just over 6,000 attended the Tulsa event. Masks will help to stop the spread, but do not guarantee safety.

Quack medicine is dangerous. Vaccinations are good. That’s not too complicated is it? This virus has a name COVID-19. The 19 refers to the year it started, not the number of times it has occurred. Doctors and nurses are extremely overworked.

These are also simple points that seem to be beyond the ability of some people to understand or accept. People should listen to Dr Fauci and each countries local equivalents, as often the quiet voice from a real expert is the one that is speaking sense.

By the way Mr Trump, three million cases does not put America in a “good place”.

Dennis Fitzgerald,

Melbourne, Australia