COVID-19: Leadspace Partners Arizona University to Provide Quality Education


University of Arizona in the United States of America and a Nigerian firm, Leadspace, have announced a Global Campus partnership to help Nigerian students earn a US degree (BSc and MSc) without leaving their home country.

The partnership has been described as particularly exciting considering the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Commenting on the partnership, the President of University of Arizona, Robert C. Robbins, said: “Not only does Global Campus help solve the mobility challenges of today caused by COVID-19, it is a meaningful and long-term effort at meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal of providing accessible quality education to the world.”

Given travel restrictions, school delays and visa moratoriums, Leadspace has created flexible and affordable options with University of Arizona to allow students in Nigeria earn a full U.S. degree – or U.S. transfer credits.

With an exclusive, substantial scholarship in place for residents of Nigeria, the offer has been described as one of the most affordable ways to get a fully-accredited US degree from a top US university without leaving Nigeria.

“Education is single most impactful investment anyone (parent or student) can make. We are thrilled to introduce such a timely, flexible, and high quality education opportunity to the millions of young students across Nigeria seeking a world class university education,” said the Chief Operating Officer at Leadspace, Nonyelim Okolie.COO Leadspace

The University of Arizona Global Campus degree programme present students with flexible degree path options and provides access to advisers who could help students create a customised degree plan.

“The events that caused the current situation in international education have hastened the dawn of a new post-mobility world in which physical travel is unnecessary for the creation and transmission of knowledge across borders.

“Almost overnight, courses have transitioned to online, and international students are continuing to study while remaining safe at home in their own countries. We want to help them achieve their dreams of a US degree, no matter the circumstances,” said the Vice Provost of Global Affairs at University of Arizona, Brent White.

To start, students could choose from two options: complete a full US undergraduate degree, graduate degree or graduate certificate online with complete access to all Leadspace facilities; or enroll in a pathway programme of online courses to prepare for virtually any major and for eventual study in the US.

Both programmes include both online tutoring and academic support through University of Arizona.

Leadspace would provide students access to all of its coworking locations in Nigeria; where Global Campus students would find a safe place to work and study without distractions.

All Leadspace locations come with comfortable seating areas, meeting rooms, high-speed internet and reliable power; including spaces for collaboration and group work. In addition, all Global Campus students may participate in all onsite and offsite events hosted by Leadspace.