Blessing Omokpia: Redefining Skincare Business

Blessing Omokpia

Skin care and beauty business is a gold mine in Nigeria and across the world. Over the past few years, an emerging and promising league of women-led natural brands of all sizes have erupted the beauty scene, creating an estimated global market of over $445 billion.

Today, many Nigerian entrepreneurs are gradually keying into this fledgling industry in the country.

Blessing Uwayemwen Omokpia is one of such entrepreneurs delving. The nimble and agile lady is the CEO of Blemiviv Concept, Vinto Logistic and London Waters. She is labelled one of the leading entrepreneurs who has made a name for herself in the skincare space.

She started her business in 2017 and has since metamorphosed from making natural skincare products at home to having a standard factory in Lagos.

According to the selfless entrepreneur, she makes her skincare products from natural ingredients and offers targeted treatment for various skin concerns.

Prior to the establishment of her beauty line in 2017, although she was a new breed in beauty products, she give much thoughts about starting a business.

What she did know, however, was that she had a very good idea she could breathe life into: skincare products that addressed specific consumer concerns, from dark skin to body spots.

Consequently, Omokpia spent more than a year researching and acquainting herself with the space before bootstrapping and launching Blemiviv Concept.

Over the past two years, the Lagos-based company has grown into a profitable venture with branches across Nigeria.

Indeed, Omokpia is not oblivious of the challenges inherent in the skincare line business. Her quest remains to keep up with rapid innovation of materials and ingredients that go into beauty products while keeping an eye on maintaining the utmost safety of her products.

She enthused: “Staying on top of consumer tastes is a constant endeavour for me”, as she prides herself in the quality of products she delivers and a brand that contributes positively to the environment, society, and support individual expression.

The soulful entrepreneur was also poised to creating a brand that leaves very little room for disruptions that slow delivery, as there are many competitors waiting to fill any delayed order.

With this in mind she launched Vinto Logistics – a fast and reliable delivery company to facilitate her supply chain and put her at advantage over those with weaker order fulfillment solutions.
“I would say delivery was a major challenge when I started,” she admitted.

“People needed the products home and abroad and getting to them at first wasn’t easy, especially within Nigeria as bus parks and riders were not so reliable. That was what actually gave birth to Vinto Logistics.

“The moment we had our own logistics company, everything else was taken care of,” She recounted.

In the last two years, she noted that a lot had changed in her business with branches established across the country. This has since yielded improved patronage.

But the entrepreneur is not satiated with that. She looks forward to establishing more branches in and out of Nigeria where she can roll out more products to quench the gasp of consumers.