COVID-19: Nigerian Musician Calls for Total Adherence to Rules

Steve Benjamin

Steve Benjamin

As Nigerian music industry continues to support the fight against Coronavirus, rising Afropop star, King Steve Benjamin has joined the pool of Nigerian music celebrities to call for total adherence to the rules.

The Ekiti-born musician said only total compliance to rules can completely wipe out the virus from us.

He said globally music has been used to send messages that the pandemic is real.

He said the secret of his success story is creativity and hard work.

The singer/song writer has to his credit back to back hit songs, among which are Konto and Ifeoma.

The Computer Engineering student said: “My singing career began when I was just seven at my local church in Ekiti. It was then that I developed my talent in music. I have no recollection of when exactly my love for music began. I was born with it.”

According to the artiste, as he grew older, the urge to do music grew deeper and deeper and so did the evolution of his music. In 2013, he relocated to Moscow to pursue a different career path in computer engineering. Not long after relocating, he started up his music career in Moscow, and within a short period of time, he earned himself the title, “king of Afro pop in Russia”.

For Moscow King of Afropop: “ I understand music. Music is me and I am music. It is not all about talents because I have got it. In this business what stands me out is that I am creative, I work hard”.

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