Uwaila Omozuwa – Tears of Joy


LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

This caption took me more than an hour to come up with. I didn’t want to picture sadness, gloom or blood. I wanted something positive to depict this story. Nothing came, my head went blank. I just sat on my couch staring into space. I walked into my daughter Chantal’s room and watched my 17-year-old damsel sleep peacefully totally ignorant of the danger that lurks in our society. A danger that comes with simply being an innocent, sweet and beautiful damsel thrown into a den of rapists and cultists with no means of defence.

Uwaila just wanted to be herself; she wanted to prepare herself for the vicissitudes of this country by gaining knowledge. Now all that has been cut short because of a son of a diseased mangy dog who not being able to curb his devilish lust had to just rape her and finish her off so that he would not leave any trace of his abominable sin. I do not want to push any negative narrative to this episode, but to grace the memory of beautiful Uwaila with the sweet aroma of beauty as she gloriously heads towards the warm bosom of the Lord. This was a death that will be rewarded in heaven and as such will not sully this write-up with the usual boring and urbane call on the authorities to fish out the perpetrators.

For me, I will just attempt a sweet walk through with my darling uwaila towards the pearly gates of Heaven. It is after I have ensured her smooth transition, that we will come back and bemoan what our society has turned into. For now, Uwaila have a simply wonderful and God blessed transition to where you really belong cos you truly do not belong to this brutish hell hole we call our country.