Adebiyi Adeshina: An Auto-dealer’s Path to Success

Adebiyi Adeshina

Adebiyi Adeshina

Unique Motors is today one of the leading companies in the Nigerian auto-dealing industry. It is definitely the big name when it comes to the sale of luxury cars. Few know that the brain behind the enterprise is a man who has climbed heights of industry and essentially brawled his way to the top—with Unique Motors in his grasp. That is Adebiyi Adesina, . Chairman DE UNIQUE GROUP Of companies

The trail of Adebiyi Adesina, the Ilara Mokin, Ondo Stat- born   started much the same way as everyone: undecided and unclear. Thus, life went on as it ordinarily would for a boy from Ibadan. He attended Baptist secondary school, Oke Ado in Ibadan, between 1994 and 2000. Four years later, he was off to the reputed ivory tower, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ife.

It must be wondered what the world had shown to the young Adebiyi Adesina between those four years of secondary education and the hallowed tertiary institution. Whatever the case, Destiny played her cards when he was admitted to OAU to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Having earned that Bachelor’s Degree, it was time to set off into the world and bring dreams to fruition.

And that is exactly what Adebiyi Adesina did in September of 2011: he established Unique Autos, the home of automobiles. For those who knew him, Unique Motors had always existed within the vision and aspiration of Adesina, and had finally become a reality.

Since 2011 until now, Adebiyi Adesina has essentially tipped the sales of car-dealing in Nigeria. With a number of innate and acquired skills (including negotiation, marketing strategy, project management, business development and strategic planning), Adesina has led Unique Motors to the apex of auto-sales in Nigeria.

Although still situated in Lagos, Unique Motors has expanded its operations to Lekki, Omole Estate, Festac and Abule Agba—where it has full and working offices. The company does not only deal in new cars; it has extended its service delivery package to include maintenance, upgrade and reselling of cars—all to maximise the satisfaction of their high-end clientele.

Since coming onto the corporate scene as a young and visionary entrepreneur, Adebiyi Adesina has received several awards, most of which are in recognition of his grasp of enterprise, business character and productivity. Of course, he has not neglected the underprivileged, but has received praise in recent time for philanthropy and charity.

The trail to success of Adebiyi Adesina is the one that has few flowers at the beginning, and few twists and turns; it is a straight footpath that gradually opened into a highway.

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