I’m Passionate About Making Change Happen Across the World

I’m Passionate About Making Change Happen Across the World

Abdulaleem Anjolaoluwa Ademola-Osinuga is a 18-year old writer, entrepreneur whose youth leadership role has earned him the title of the Most Powerful Leader in Africa by the World Humanitarian Network and the Second Cub of the West. He speaks with Bennett Oghifo about his zeal in life and how his upbringing propelled him

Tell us about your background?

My name is Abdulaleem Anjolaoluwa Ademola-Osinuga. I am 18 years old. I was born on Thursday the 25th of April 2002 into the family of Engr Kola and Mrs. Iyabo Ademola-Osinuga. I am the firstborn among two girls. I am from Ode Remo in the Remo North Local Government Area of Ogun State. I am a Writer, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Art & ICT Consultant, a Public Speaker and exploring so many other fields. I am the Founder/CEO of Inspired Leadership Group and the Executive Director of Future Nigeria. I am also the Most Powerful Leader in Africa by The World Humanitarian Network and the Second Cub of the West. I have also been invited many times to the United Nations Summits, which I gracefully honoured with my physical presence in New York, United States of America.

At your tender age, you play different roles of leadership in many organisations, how are you coping?

As a leader who is passionate about making change happen and leaving a good legacy across the world, Africa most especially, it has been a moment of experience where you have to deal with people from different cultures in the areas of understanding who they are and what exactly their missions and visions are, especially when it comes to the aspect of having a future for themselves. In general, I will say it has been tough, challenging, exciting, questionable with a lot of answers unprovoked and funny, especially when you realise you have to work with people from different diverse culture. That notwithstanding, with my mobile device around me all the time I can make all the necessary communications I need to, across the world.

You seem to be a jack of all trades, what is your area of specialty or strong point?

Yes, I will agree with this part of me being a jack of all trades as I have a lot of soft skills I have learned, as well with the ones that I am still planning to learn and build on as a person which I have been able to exhibit at various organisations that I have been able to work for. But my strongest point and area of specialty is Information Communication Technology & Research which I am using to build on across the relevant sectors that I work in.

Tell us about your organisation?

My organisation, Inspired Leadership Group, is committed to transforming the lives of 30 million people across the global community but it’s focused more on Africa in 5,000 days’ time, across different economic sectors. Our main aim is to address the largest problem that is being faced by the global economy, by working to see how we can provide solutions to them using the main organisation name with the leadership eco-systems that have been built around the organisation’s brand.

What’s your company’s goal?

As this stage, we have been able to take a bold steps through the support of the World Humanitarian Network which has named my organisation, The Most Powerful Organisation in Africa, earlier in February 2020. But as the journey continues for my organisation, my plan is to be known as the best organisation in the world in the area of entrepreneurship and also the fastest organisation in Africa in particular and expand this spirit to the world development in general using our services. I also want to take this as an opportunity to ensure that the main drive is for my organisation to create an Africa that will be known for the hub of opportunities, growth, and development all over the world.

What are your responsibilities as a business owner?

As someone who is a business owner, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish ahead and my responsibilities for now are managing the welfare of the company, effectively, with all my employees. Understanding their demands and how to meet the solutions that are required by particular customers are very key. Lead a team towards developing and creating innovative ideas that will help develop the capital market of the economy.

What motivates you and how do you generate new ideas?

I am motivated by the kind of quality people I approach and the thought leaders/directors and mentors that I have, people like Valerie Fab Uche, Oguntunde Philip Tosin and most especially John Fatanmi (who holds a very strong and convincing belief that the Africa and Nigeria of our dream is possible and achievable), to build the ideas that are running in my head every single second of the day, based on the conversations that we usually make and I generate new ideas through the research exploration, activities, and situations that are happening around me every single second of the day.

To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to the Almighty Allah and believe providence played a huge role. My parents Engr Kola and Mrs. Iyabo Ademola-Osinuga have also been a great support as they are the most impacting force in my life as their sacrifices are unquantifiable.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

The youths of this generation are my greatest fear at the moment, the kind of things that they do to people and characters that they exhibit for example, defrauding and scamming people, especially those who are working very hard to make sure that they can create a change in the society.

I manage this fear because I believe with the full lack of education that has been taking place across the society it is a call to attention by all African and World Leaders to ensure we can address the needs of developing education into the society as well as the fact that we must understand the fact that we need to produce more jobs daily by increasing the spirit of entrepreneurship across the African Continent and Globally.

As a young leader, do you think there is hope for the African child?

There is enough hope for the African Child especially when it comes to the aspect of the future, those who have dreams, plans, goals, aim, mission, vision, and expected achievement for themselves when they grow up. But the truth continues to remain that. An African Child needs to understand him/herself by understanding who they are, what their plans are, who their role models of what they desire to achieve in life as a person and what do they want to achieve as their goal as they proceed into the future are. The kind of friends, The kind of attribute of leadership along with attitude, The kind of things they also do especially when it comes to the activities that they get themselves involved in and the kind of things that they say to people ahead and mostly behind them, that way they respond to several matters that happen around them goes a long way in determining what their future will look like to them.

How do you think SMEs business owners can turn the challenges posed by the pandemic to opportunities?

Small Medium Enterprise business owners can turn the challenge posed by the pandemic to opportunities when they can identify what exactly are the challenges that are currently going on in the time of pandemic and what solutions can they drop on the ground to make sure that the rate of unemployment does not increase.

By these SMEs needs to develop a long-lasting plan, use this means as an opportunity to learn and grow their network with leaders who have had experience in the field they are working on currently. Work more by taking professional skills and online courses that will help them in building their career and them becoming what exactly they want to become. SME Business Owners are people who need to learn how to stop criticising people un-necessary but learning from the experience of other people who have had the opportunity of what they are always looking for as a person for them to succeed.

Your advice on Post COVID-19, can the Nigerian economy be turned around?

I expect that everyone all over the world must have taken this opportunity as a huge lesson, mostly when dealing with human lives, especially those who are in leadership or aspiring to be there. Nigerian Economy can be turned around only when the leaders can develop the health sectors, educational sector, Electrical Sector along with the relevant sectors that are needed at the moment ahead of the future. Nigerians need to brace up in the coming election and identify the kind of leaders that they want to rule them in their various sectors, as this will go a long way in predicting what our economy will look like for us in the future by not putting our lives as a risk. Government policies are very key and have a way of affecting every sector of the economy.

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