Michael Felix Shows Gratitude to Fans Over ‘My Money’success

Michael Felix

Michael Felix

Fast-rising hip hop sensation, Michael Felix may be hitting the headlines and topping charts with his new song My Money, but the story behind the success of the new single is one thing he would not forget in a hurry.

With a new single banging in different speakers and topping music charts, Felix who spent most of his child hood in the east, got inclined with the ingenious ways and somehow managed to let his surrounding inspired his vibe.

Speaking on how that has helped his music career, the My Money crooner said he has always wanted his fans to all over the globe to connect with him through his songs, insisting that with his new jam and love from his fans, his career was on the way to the top.

Basking in the euphoria of being among top 20 songs on iTunes Nigeria, Felix added that ” It was something to celebrate as the song is not yet on TV networks such as Mtv base and the likes.”

Felix who said he was swindled by those who claimed to be music promoters but were only interested in fleecing him rather than promoting his songs maintained that despite all odds against him, his new song has been doing well.

With no official video to My Money yet, the singer hinted that a viral video of the song on YouTube has equally helped to promote the song as his fans await the real video.

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