The Breakthrough Story of a Clothing Empire

David Kollar

David Kollar

In this report Ugo Aliogo writes about the success story of David Kollar and his clothing line

From a side hustle T-shirt designer to a multi-million dollar brand, David Kollar clothing line known as Kollar clothing has established itself as a global streetwear brand on the rise that is worn by some of the most recognized celebrities, athletes, and musicians around the world.

The multimillion-dollar business of Kollar can be traced back to his early years in Canada where at the age of 16 he started his own T-shirt line, styling friends and becoming an aesthetic influencer among his peers. Today, Kollar clothing has earned a pride of place as one of the most exciting rising brands in streetwear. The clothing line has a style that is exciting for consumers and fashion industry insiders.

Kollar has also showcased countless sold out shows at New York Men’s fashion week and has been featured on publications such as GQ, High Snobiety, Sharp Magazine, Huffington Post and Complex Magazine. With many celebrities wearing his clothing such as Young Thug, G-Eazy, Ty $ Sign, Fabolous, August Alsina, Dvsn, Grant Hill, Waka Flocka, Roy Woods, Chris Delia, and others.

Kollar has also created a huge presence online. One of the requirements for businesses in the present age is a strong and distinctive online presence from social media followers to creating effective advertisements that can increase your ROI (Return On Investment) and target profits. David Kollar has discovered and used innovative marketing techniques to build sales for his online and wholesale business.

When asked on how he has succeeded in building a rich clientiele base in a short time, he said: “I don’t want to promote fast fashion as it is killing the environment, so our goal is to make exclusive capsules with limited quantities and classic pieces that can last a lifetime.

“I also feel people get bored very easily, and now with Instagram, once you shoot yourself in a certain outfit, most people don’t want to be shot in the same outfit again on their Instagram page, so they want something new. So instead of customers getting bored and seeing the same stuff on our website, we are constantly dropping new products on a monthly basis where they can really enjoy the brand on a monthly basis versus a seasonal basis. We also create limitations of how many pieces and units per style so this keeps the brand fresh, and exclusive.”

Kollar urged emerging fashion designers to have passion for whatever endeavour they have chosen.

He added: “For fashion, it takes at least 4-6 Years to really get your name out there, so if you’re starting from scratch, I believe whatever you dedicate long hours to, you will get better at it. You just have to be persistent and patient and have a relentless grind. Also Fashion is a very cash flow intensive business, when you drop a collection and make your profit you have to use that money right back into your next collection, so you won’t be paying yourself for a while.”

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