ANTHONY JOSHUA’S PROMOTER BLASTS: Irresponsible to Allow 53-year Old Mike Tyson Back to Ring

Mike Tyson

Eddie Hearn, the British promoter of Nigerian-born world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, has slammed the proposed return to the ring of Mike Tyson.

According toReuters, Hearn remarked that he would probably like to see former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson fight again but questioned whether boxing should be encouraging a 53-year-old to get back in the ring.

Tyson, who became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time when he beat Trevor Berbick in 1986 aged 20, caught the attention of the boxing world by posting training videos on Instagram recently and has said he was considering exhibition bouts to raise money for charity.

“I would probably like to see it but … is it a bit irresponsible to let a 53-year-old legend back in the ring?” Hearn told British Boxing Television.

“I had a message from someone saying they wanted to talk to me about Mike. He looks pretty dangerous. What’s compelling is could he actually go back in at 53 and do some damage? But should we be encouraging that from an all-time great?

“There’s a fine line and I’ve crossed it a couple of times – between integrity of the sport and entertainment delivering numbers.

“Our job is to deliver numbers for broadcasters but we have to keep it as close to the right mark as we can.”

Meanwhile, former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has also released a training video on social media, fuelling speculation that he could come out of retirement to face one-time rival Tyson.

Holyfield is urging Tyson to set up a sensational trilogy fight by insisting: ‘It would be the fight people want to see.’

The heavyweight rivals are in talks to step back inside the ring 23 years after their infamous second showdown in Las Vegas.

In the third round of ‘The Bite Fight’, Tyson bit off part of Holyfield’s ear leading to disqualification and a $3million (£2.4m) fine.

Despite hanging up his gloves 15 years ago, Tyson, 53, has been back in the gym showing off his trademark pace and power.

Holyfield then announced plans to come out of retirement to enter the boxing ring once more.

And he took to Instagram also to show how he is progressing his training, letting his followers inside the first week on his training camp.

When asked whether he would take on Tyson for the third time, he told UK’s The Sun:“I would do that! Yes, I want to fight Mike Tyson.

“My whole thing is I’m open, and I know that I want to do well for myself at age 57. I can definitely handle him.

“But Mike would have to want to do it as well.

“We have to come up with something that is not a knockout grudge match.

“It’s not about who can beat who, but to show people we were some of the greatest fighters in our era and we’ve come together as men to do something for others,” he concluded.