TikTok: Building New Tool in Music Business



TikTok is a new online platform that is driving increased engagement and fan base between Nigeria music artiste, and comedians and their fans. In this interview, Ugo Aliogo speaks to Mavin Record’s artist Ladipoe, who recently experienced the TikTok factor with his #knowyouchallenge#. Excerpts.

Why did you join TikTok?

I watched a video of someone lip syncing to some audio. It was really funny; and I wanted to try it. I also thought it was a cool way to engage with a new audience.

What do you love about the platform?

I love the creativity it inspires in people.

Do you think TikTok challenges are the latest promotion tool in Nigerian music industry?

Yes, I think it’s a fun way for people to engage with music – especially in the times we are in now. It also allows an artist to show a different side to their song that people may have missed.

Understanding the TikTok platform has helped in some ways to promote your brand with the #knowyou challenge can we expect more challenges like this from you?

I enjoy engaging directly with my fans and challenges are a way for me to do that easily. It only makes sense to use Tik Tok to make that connection for me. It is safe to say that TikTok has been able to successfully establish its purpose of inspiring and sharing happiness in Nigeria entertainment industry.

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