Who Did We Offend in Nigeria?


With Reno Omokri

The ongoing #COVID19 pandemic has exposed the shallowness and vacuousness of many people of influence in Nigeria to the point where you are left asking yourself, how did these people get to where they are?

Truly, the Nigerian emperors have been exposed as naked at a time the nation needs them to be fully clothed and in their right minds.

First, Ibrahim Magu blamed #CoronaVirus on corruption. Then President Muhammadu Buhari asked schools to close to curtail the spread of the coronavirus and then ordered that the closed schools should give school children school lunches.

Not done with exposing his folly, Buhari asked Lagosians to close from work at 6PM and observe a curfew by 8PM (in Lagos traffic!). And then, the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, blamed the Kano suspicious deaths on an anti-Islamic agenda.
Who did we offend in Nigeria?

In my opinion, it is better not to have a President during this #COVID19 crisis, than to have a President like Buhari. At least , we will not have a Buhari distraction, more competent hands will direct our #CoronaVirus response. The man is just like a Christmas decoration, utterly sleeping at the wheel except for a few days of the year.

And with the Nigerian Senate approving a new N850 billion loan for Buhari, our foreign loans are about to go further sky high. This man has already increased our external debt from the $7 billion he met it on May 29, 2015, to $27 billion today. If this new loan is taken, Nigeria will be approaching HIPC status (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries).

Africa’s current leaders, with the exception of a few, like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and Nana Akufo Addo of Ghana, have mismanaged Africa’s independence. As a continent, we are now more tied to our former colonialists via foreign loans, than we were via foreign rule!

How does it make sense for the Senate to approve N850 billion for Buhari when Nigeria already budgeted N150 billion for National Assembly members and N37 billion for renovating the National Assembly building? Nigeria does not need more loans. We need more sense!

Let us face it, Buhari has perpetual beggar tendencies. He responds to problems by taking loans. This man is a plague to us. He will definitely not pay back these loans. We are already using 42% of our revenue to service our debts (not repaying mind you, servicing. Which means we are only paying the minimum interest). How can we allow this inept administration to take another foreign bumper loan of N850 billion? They lack the executive capacity to manage it. This is a government that gave weevil infested rice and spoilt beans to Nigerians as palliatives. Are these the people that are taking loans on our behalf?
And then there is the partial lifting of the coronavirus lockdown.

Only a clueless man like Buhari imposes an 8PM curfew on Lagos and ask Lagosians to close from work at 6 and be home by 8. It doesn’t occur to him that if everyone closes at 6, there will be significant traffic in Lagos and NOBODY will get home by 8 except they have a helicopter!
Do you cure a headache by causing cancer? That is what Buhari is doing by asking Lagosians to close from work at 6 and observe an 8PM curfew. If I were Buhari, I would have either extended the lockdown or asked workers to close by 4, so they have enough time to get home.

Mark my words, by asking Lagosians to close from work by 6PM and be home by 8PM, Buhari’s action will cause unimaginable traffic accidents amongst Lagosians rushing to beat the curfew. More people will die from these car accidents than from #CoronaVirus. What is even the point of the curfew? Do people catch #COVID19 only at night?

People move more in the day, than at night. If you want a lockdown, have one. But don’t have senseless curfews that make people rush to get home. There is no social distancing in a rush!
This partial lifting just vindicated those (like his wife) who say Buhari has no clue what is going on in his government and that he is under the control of a cabal.

It is looking more and more likely that Buhari just reads whatever is placed in front of him. Or, how else could you explain the fact that he appointed a dead former lawmaker from Ebonyi State, Tobias Chukwuemeka Okwuru, to the board of the Federal Character Commission?

If they call Buhari “lifeless”, his aides will complain. Meanwhile, he keeps appointing DEAD people into his LIFELESS government. It is looking more and more likely that he just reads whatever is placed in front him.

How can a leader keep embarrassing himself like this? Not once, not twice, not thrice. Is it that Buhari reads the obituary section of newspapers (we thought he only reads cartoons), so he can look for the dead to appoint into his government? Is he a vampire? Is he Dracula? Is he looking for a zombie government?

Again I ask, who did Nigeria offend?
And the worst has not been told.
Guess what? The Nigerian Naira is about to crash! It is a matter of WHEN, not IF.
Former President Jonathan left Buhari $2.07 billion in the Excess Crude Account on May 29, 2015. Today, only $71 million remains. He left almost $3 billion in the Sovereign Wealth Fund. Today Buhari has drained it. Jonathan left $5 billion Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas dividends for Buhari. Today, that money has long since evaporated.

Meanwhile, Buhari has increased our foreign debt from the $7 billion he met it as of May 29, 2015, to $27.3 billion today. In a mere four years, he had borrowed more money than all the governments since 1999 combined.

What did he use the money for? And now oil has crashed, Buhari wants to borrow an additional $3.4 billion? What will Nigeria do? Buhari has plunged us into a debt that will be almost impossible to repay. This man is a locust. A perpetual beggar. An economic almajiri. He consumes what other men have produced without adding value!
Again, I ask, who did we offend to be punished by such a person as our leader during these uncertain times?

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