Please, Ignore the ‘5G Nonsense’!


It’s been heartbreaking that amid the global challenge, frustration and fears occasioned by Covid-19, a rather inane conspiracy theory on the ‘5G connection’ almost undermined genuine efforts at either stemming the tide or stamping it out completely.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the theory is being promulgated by rather ‘knowledgeable’ men and women, who should have used their position and status to dispel the insinuations so leadership at all levels and across the globe could concentrate on fighting the common enemy to humanity.

Although the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), had come out to intervene in the debate, when it described as false the claims that the switching on of 5G network in China triggered the spread of the pandemic, it’s important to impress the truth on all given the impact of the virus so far on human lives.

“The 5G is an advancement on today’s 4G technology designed to transform the world positively. Secondly, there is no deployment of 5G in Nigeria at the moment,” NCC said, clearly putting paid to the crap being thrown around by those who knew little or nothing about the current global health crisis.

It’s therefore important that everyone ignores the ‘5G theory’ being peddled around on Covid-19 as much as those peddling it. There’s no correlation whatsoever but a celebration of crass ignorance that’s potentially injurious to the collective efforts at silencing the deadly virus.
Prof. Adeolu Akande, NCC Board Chairman.jpg