Promasidor Unveils New Product, Supports Local Content Policy

Managing Director of PNL, Mr. Anders Einarsson

Dike Onwuamaeze

Promasidor Nigeria Limited (PNL) has commenced a new phase of manufacturing products with high level of local content in terms of their raw materials.

This was made known by the Managing Director of PNL, Mr. Anders Einarsson, when he launched the Sunvita Choco Crunch into the Nigerian cereal food market during the weekend in Lagos. Einarsson said the Sunvita Choco had more than 80 per cent local input.

He said: “At Promasidor we support the government initiative for local content. Our Onga brand has Soya and Cassava flour which are sourced from Nigeria. Likewise, this new SunVita Choco Crunch has maize and soya which are sourced from Nigeria. We believe in growing the economy of Nigeria, as such we will continue to support every initiative of the Nigeria’s government regarding local content.

“We have done a flagship investment in the cereal market. What distinguishes us in the cereal market is the focus we did on local content. It took us two years to develop the product from a local supply perspective and to work with our local supplies. In addition, our fantastic research and development team and marketing team have worked very hard to make sure that not only that we have a product that has a phenomenal nutritional portfolio but the product comes with a fantastic local content composition, which we are immensely proud about.”

The managing director, who described the PNL as a proudly Nigerian based organisation that produces products with strong local content, said the organisation was, “fortunate to operate in a market that is large with diversified consumers.

According to him, “the Nigerian consumer deserves a good quality consumer products and that is what we are all about. We were largely dairy products, but over the past six years we are fully become a diversified food business concern. We now have a big portfolio in rich beverage based products.”

He also said Nigerians should expect a lot of exciting things from the PNL going forward. “We are working on a new product with a significantly increased local content agenda. In addition, there is a lot we are doing for the consumers this year. There are a lot of surprises that are coming in the Choco segment. We have a lot of initiatives that will target a lot of consumers this year,” Einarsson said.

Speaking in the vein, the Head of Marketing, PNL, Mr. Abiodun Ayodeji, explained that the decision to launch the Sunvita Choco product was based on PNL’s understanding of Nigeria’s consumers needs and the will to give them products that would meet their desires.

“The cereal market in Nigeria is quite big. It is around 16,000 tonnes. There is a gap there because there are not so many players there. What we are offering to the consumers is a cereal that is very healthy that has the real chocolate entities that is quite very tasty. This is the right product for mothers that do not want their children to consume products with high sugar content. It has the real taste of cocoa and nutrients that will help kids to grow healthier and smarter,” Ayodeji said.

He assured that the PNL has what it would take to withstand competition from foreign products due to the quality of products it is offering the consumers