Tokunbo Wahab Putting the Right Leg Forward


Genius does not wear a veil. Genius has never taken kindly to the shadows. More than any other virtue, genius is a proud warlord with an ego the size of a regular Brobdingnagian. Any surprise then that her wards always stand out? Any surprise that all who walk with wisdom at their shoulders have their deeds trumpeted from the mountaintop? No wonder at all! Check out Tokunbo Wahab.

For the unaware and out-of-state, Tokunbo Wahab is a noted legend in the clinical hallways of the legal world. Less than 50 years old, Mr. Wahab has already taken the country by storm on countless occasions with only a well-groomed suit and a well-groomed education. His exploits in the courtroom and outside have earned him a reputation of fierceness, whereas the heart behind that image beats with compassion and zeal not moderated by his profession.

His A-Grade education is a testimony on its own. He is an alumnus of the renowned Harvard Kennedy School of Government, as well as the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. Although he launched himself into the legal profession at Paul Usoro (SAN,) & Co., and Aluko & Oyebode and Co., it wasn’t long before he assumed the role of Managing Partner at Wall & Ace Legal Practitioners.

The man is a philanthropist, and it is said that that aspect of him caused him to provide countless pro-bono legal services to the poor and underprivileged even as far back as his post-law school days. But Tokunbo Wahab’s high-flying reputation is already something of an adage. He in fact once earned himself a Lagos State prestigious recognition award presented to him by former Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola in 2014.

However, in recent times, Tokunbo Wahab has borne the burden of administrative governance, like Atlas straining and succeeding to keep the world in place. As Special Adviser on Education to Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Mr. Wahab has flexed his muscles – the results of which are a polished education sector free of grime and gravel. The tertiary institution is especially evidencing the diligence and brilliance of Mr. Wahab, and this is merely the beginning.