What’s Rocking Jelo’s Ship?


The tension between Jenny Koko and Louis keeps getting palpable everyday. Their attitude towards each other shows their unhappiness. If they are not arguing, they are probably staring at each from a distance.

During their session with Aunty this week, the couple unpacked their issues. While Louis was frustrated by the manner in which Jenny Koko treats him, the latter argued that Louis doesn’t pay her attention which is one of her key love languages. Louis also complained about Jenny Koko’s raising her voice at him. In her defense, Jenny Koko said she grew up watching her step mother always shouting and indirectly she found herself exhibiting a similar trait. However, she wished that Louis will allow her voice to be heard once in a while because he always wanted things to be done his way. Louis concluded that if he didn’t see any change in her character, he may check out voluntarily.

Aunty urged them to find a meeting ground and work things out.

The couple were among the nominated couples this week. Although they took part in the Monday Mission with PreshDavid, Aunty however saved the latter. Thus, Jelo alongside Bolar, Roksie and Chivia are up for possible check-out this Sunday.

Tried as much as they can to be civil with one another, the love guests are visibly affected by nominations. Last week, after Jeriton’s eviction, the nominations announcement saw Bolar taking the lead followed by Roksie. Love guests spent the week trying to analyse the nomination pattern.

In their usual manner, Louis and Chiddy discussed the nomination immediately after the live show in the courtyard. They are confident that they are strong allies and will continue to strategise to nominate other threats. Chris and Rosie also discussed Presh Talker’s attitude towards nomination over a meal. Chris revealed to Rosie that Presh Talker believes that Rosie and her partner deliberately place them up for nomination because of the love triangle with David. Rosie opened up that she harboured no vengeful feelings towards the couple but despised the side remarks of David such as calling her a sugar mummy.

Rosie is not the only one who is uncomfortable with David’s attitude. Jay who is free from nomination fever this week confided in her partner Nkechi that David is a show guy. According to him, he doubted David’s affection for Presh Talker. He felt David is doing it all for the camera and may probably not continue his relationship with Presh Talker after the game.

After the shocking revelation by Rosie that she had two children during the couple session with Aunty, the couple was among the most trending topics on Twitter the past few days. Kachi was praised for not judging Rosie. They got many hearts swooned by their affection for each other such that some tagged them the Ultimate Couple of the season. With this new development, fans are certain that nothing can rock their ship.