Nutritionist Calls for Regular Health Assessment among Nigerians


By Martins Ifijeh

A nutrition expert and National Publicity Secretary of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), Olusola Malomo, has urged Nigerians to assess their health status regularly, knowing that good health is not merely absence of disease but extends to physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Malomo made the call in the March edition of his monthly healthy living dialogue, an initiative in partnership with Chi Limited. The dialogue is a part of the juice maker’s ‘No-added Sugar’ campaign.

The nutritionist noted optimal health was a function of age, gender, family medical history, physical activity and other factors. Hence, he advised individuals to put these factors into consideration in determining whether they are optimally healthy or otherwise.
He went on to cite an article from the American Journal of Health Promotion by Michael O’Donnell, which explains that optimal health is achieved from a balance of five critical areas – emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social health.

According to Malomo, the concept of optimal health focuses on positive mental health and rewarding relationships, which are notable areas developed by good nutrition and exercise.
“One of the major classes of nutrients that your body needs is micronutrients. Often neglected, micronutrient is a term used to describe essential vitamins and minerals in general. 100 per cent fruit juice contains a range of minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds, such as phytochemicals, that are important for optimal health.
“Vitamins are organic compounds produced by plants and animals which can be broken down by heat, acid or air. On the other hand, minerals are inorganic, exist in soil or water and cannot be broken down.
“Since the body cannot produce vitamins and minerals, we must look to appropriate food and drink sources rich in micronutrients to gain the benefits of these elements. Drinking well-packaged 100 per cent fruit juice daily is a great way of including these micronutrients or essential nutrients into your diet.”