Group Unveils New Product to Empower SMEs


Ugo Aliogo

Dochase Adx Digital has unveiled a new advertising platform known as FlashAds to assist Small Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) increase sales and drive competitiveness.

According to a statement made available to THISDAY, by the Business Manager, Dochase Adx, Osas Okundaye, the service which cut across multiple advertising channel is targeted towards helping SMEs achieve their marketing goals whether online or offline.

The statement also hinted that the platform provides opportunity for small businesses to drive reach and connect to customers on WhatsApp and direct call.

The statement explained that advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, storytelling, service offerings, product listings, video content, and get calls or chat directly with customers both online and offline.

The Chief Operating Officer Saint Germain Onwukeme, in the statement said flashads is serving a social purpose, in providing a platform, “where SMEs can increase their revenue by bringing their products or service in front of their target audience.”

The statement further stated that there are different offers available in flashads, such as click-to-call, click-to-whatsapp, click-to-USSD, SMS tagging, IVR, Native ads, display ads and direct to mobile.

It added: “We understand that SMEs have little or no advertising budget yet want to increase sales. As such, we have created flashads to enable them reach out to their target audience. Reaching out to target audience is the first step in establishing a connection with prospects and future prospects. Flashads will enable SMEs reach out to their audience with the right kind of offers and promotions at an affordable cost.

“Flashads Features includes conversion tracking, multiple formats, real time dashboard, audience targeting, cost effectiveness, automatic optimisation. It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of Flashads. Okundaye Osas in the statement said “When you don’t have a huge budget but want to increase visibility and sales, take a step towards a better, optimised and affordable platform, offering desired conversions or goals at any point in time.”

Saint Germain also said with the platform, SMEs can perform better, grow, employ more people and consequently help to grow the economy.