Loud for a Purpose As Dele Momodu Warms Up for Jaw-Dropping 60th Birthday

Dele Momodu

Wisdom dictates that when men of power and presence are in town, town criers should not fail in their duties to publish the width of their wind-bracing brocades, worn agbada-style, and attesting to the eminence of their wearers and occupiers.

With the 60th birthday celebration of Ovation boss, Dele Momodu, just around the corner, arrangements are already being made to paint the town – in Nigeria and overseas – in Ovation red.

For Chief Dele Momodu, no parade is too long, no gong too loud, no felicitation to languid. As a journalist and publisher, businessman, and motivational speaker, Dele Momodu has a vast following, the bulk of which is available at the moment, ready and expressing gratitude if only to contribute to the birthday celebrations of a paragon whose wick is nowhere near thin, and the flame is nowhere near dim.

The anticipated 60th birthday is coming up on May 16, 2020. Although there are still nearly two whole months to go, there are already signs in place for any observant onlooker to chart the boisterous pageantry that will accompany that day. Moreover, the wingspan of Dele Momodu extends beyond the rivers of his Ile-Ife home, the shores of his country Nigeria, and vast lands of the African continent. This fact alone is a guarantee that foreign cocks will crow on that day.

Dele Momodu recently dispatched a birthday notification mail in which he stated that he intended to spend the day as quietly as possible with his family, pastors, and close friends at his residence in London, and then a celebration slated for May 31, 2020, at The Harbour Point, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. He also noted that he was aware of preparations being made by his friends and associates in different parts of Europe, America, and Africa. This already hints at the failure of his intention to spend his 60th in the quiet of his home.

The trump of an elephant is a nemesis of silence and quiet. Dele Momodu is the Chairman of the Ovation Media Group, consisting of Ovation International magazine, Ovation Television and The Boss newspaper. With a degree in Yoruba and a Master’s degree in English Literature from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Dele Momodu has moved mountains in business, politics, literature, and the music and fashion industries.

How he expects to celebrate 60 years in quiet is beyond anyone. He is deserving of gongs and trumpets, and – judging from the preparations already laid down – will get them in overflowing measures.