Calm Down…Otunba Bimbo Ashiru Is Still Very Close to Governor Dapo Abiodun


The game of politics is not so different from a child’s play. Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka wrote about children who no sooner have quarrelled unsurprisingly return to the company of one another – at least until societal labels of pauper, pagan, dirty, and low-born catch up to them. It is really no different in politics, although the labels here – winner, loser, prober, probed – are altered.

In recent time, former Ogun State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Otunba Bimbo Ashiru, was reputed to be at odds with current Ogun State Governor, Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun. The reasons given for this conceived fracas are finally collapsing under the weight of the very cordial relationship between the two men, who recognize each other’s prowess and strength.

Otunba Bimbo Ashiru has never shown himself to be mediocre, no matter the endeavour at hand. A native of the illustrious Ijebu-Ode community, Ashiru is a titan of administrative and corporate management, having earned several noteworthy degrees including one in Marketing, Purchasing & Supply, and a Master’s in Strategic Management.

His prodigious abilities saw him through a productive and successive corporate career which spanned two decades and helped him serve numerous institutions and in numerous capacities. Some of the most distinguished of these include his heading of the Private Banking Unit at Stanbic IBTC Bank; Branch Manager for Institution and Professional Banking; Regional Coordinator; Country Director, Personal and Business Banking; Director, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Social Investments; and Head of the Public Sector – which was his last position at the bank.

Otunba Bimbo Ashiru has received countless awards over the years, including the Award for Excellence, Outstanding contribution to Commerce & State Industrialization in Ogun State in 2017. His astute outlook on life has earned him friends in high places, and the warmth with which he interacts with superiors and subordinates has never failed to impress. No wonder he noted to be a friend to all and an enemy of none.

These qualities have undoubtedly endeared Otunba Bimbo Ashiru to many an insightful man, not excluding Governor Dapo Abiodun, another man whose instincts have never miscarried. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Ashiru and Abiodun are still close pals, regardless of what dissenting folks have to say. Birds of similar plume must cluck together after