Tiv Youths to Embrace Self Defence


The Tiv Youth Organisation (TYO), has urged Tiv youths to embark on self-defense following rising cases of attacks on their communities by Fulani herdsmen in recent days. It notes that it was highly provocative and barbaric that after concerted effort by the TYO with the aim to achieving peace, the herdsmen had continued their heinous acts against unsuspecting Tiv farmers which it notes has made the call for self-help inevitable. The call was made yesterday by the National President of the group, Mr. Timothy Hembaor.

He recalled that only two days back, about 10 persons were gruesomely murdered in Kwande Local Government Area by the marauding herdsmen and also noted with sadness the attack on the district head of Mbawa, in Guma LGA whose wife was also raped by the herdsmen among other acts of infamy and could not continue to fold it’s hand and watch aloof.

“Given the forgoing therefore, the TYO wishes to state categorically that the Tiv in Benue State, and elsewhere, have a right, same as every other human being, to life and liberty, and shall defend that life with all means available to him, where the statutory arm of organised human society fails to afford them security”
He said the Tiv were entitled to statutory rights over the lands of the Benue trough where they have lawfully dwelt and earned a living from, these past three centuries, and have been so recognised by human laws.