Emir Sanusi – Activist of Another Hue


I watched His Royal Highness deliver one of the most thought-provoking speeches recently. He stood there in full robes, guarded by equally expansively dressed palace guards to deliver one of the most penetrating speeches aimed directly at the very heart of the aristocracy. This man no dey fear o, pata pata, they will take their thing, him don kuku talk him own. With facts, data and sound logic, he painted a very sad and gloomy picture of the North making proclamations that would shake the establishment.

This is not an ordinary emir o. This one na supersonic one o. Let me just add here that the things he was talking about especially the role of the elites in the decimation of society is not only limited to the North, it is everywhere o. Here down south na the same thing we dey see. Education, nutrition, infrastructure, rudderless leadership is an epidemic that has taken over the whole country.

The feeling of nothingness, the feeling that we are just floating like a ship that has lost its bearing is all pervasive. The people are just looking with disgust and lethargy. Abi how do you explain where some state governments were voted in by a 200,000 margin in a state of about 18m? Emir Sanusi continues to be a torn in the flesh of the very system that has nurtured and projected him. Is this a case of biting the finger that has fed him? Whatever the case is, the bobo is talking the truth and very fearlessly.

This tells me that there is still hope. As he spoke, the audience was numb. The very people who are behind this our suffering. He told them his mind and walked away. Welldone, sir. But can I ask one small question sha, don’t vex o? This your very beautiful robe is plenty o. What if you want to piss quick quick, how will you manage? Just curious o.