Nigerian British-Born Take Ilu America to the US


Rebecca Ejifoma

Nigerian British-Born movie producer, Taiwo Oduala’s Ilu America hits the stages of Colorado in the United States as it featured a handful of famous Nigerian Yoruba artistes. 

Ilu America, the first indigenous African American movie, is a classic, emotional African American movie. 

The movie is expressly written, produced and directed by Nigerian born British Film Institute and Colorado Film Institute alumnus, Taiwo Oduala, a multiple award winning film maker. 

Ilu America, which first premiered in July at the Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre Avenue Denver, Colorado USA, is interpreted Land of America.
Oduala described, “Ilu America is an indigenous, emotional and classic African/American story that everyone will be clamouring to see.”

Some of the cast it features are: Bayo Bankole, Mistura Asunramu, Femi Brainald, Alayo Boy, Titi Seye, Seun Tomori, Bisi Shotade, Yinka Awolowo, Bisi Windoku, Adekunle Oduala and Omotayo Kazzim among others. 
Oduala is a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN). According to him, Ilu America is coming after the award-winning movie, Ilu Oba (The Queens’ Land).