Aminu Babangida Under Pressure to Settle Down?

Aminu Babangida

What do you say to a young man who has refused to get married? How do you convince him that having stroked the capstones of aspiration and ambition, there is little else to do but slow down, relax, and get a wife for oneself? For once, one might even wish that the stalwart disposition that has driven his towering successes would retire to the back burner of his temperament; but no, he said. Perhaps he would have the expectant Nigerian society rewind their tapes and enjoy his parents’ romance instead, leaving him alone.

 Aminu Babangida. Here’s one with the enduring prestige of nobility. Here’s one whose roots and fruits are equally esteemed, none outclassing the other. Here’s one whose business and enterprise distinguish him as one of the brightest minds in the industry and society, charm and civility duty accounted for. Unfortunately, for many a lady and relative, here’s also one who has refused the knots of wedlock, preferring instead to wear his bachelorhood as an expedient muffler. (Shout out to the still-persisting ladies and relatives.)

If there is one thing that Aminu Babangida, son of former Military President, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, is known for, it is he is smart, a characteristic which has seen him man the chariots of Unity Bank as if chairmanship is a native heirloom. If there is another thing Aminu Babangida is known for, it is the hinted-at resolution to remain unmarried. So, here is this incredibly handsome, banking genius and master of bachelorhood.

 While the ladies and relatives are asking what the deal is, media hobbits are speculating on the rationale behind the delay. Obviously, given his background and breadth of personal effects, it cannot be that he does not wish to allow the enjoyment of the celebrated wedding rice. He is also a fine-looking young man, so it cannot be looks. Hmm. A riddle of riddles.

 In any case, the gist is that headaches are going around in the family as a result of Aminu’s membership card of singleness. Relatives, close and distant, it is said, are pressing him to go out there and get a girl and have a few more Babangida princes and princesses running up and down. So far, these missions have failed. Still, there’s no telling what winds the coming months will bring; there just might be an exotic lady prepping to claim his hand.