Nigerian Youths Must Work Hard to be Successful, Says Aremo Oba


As the Nigerian business environment continues to get harder, Adeshina Jelili Oladipupo popularly known as “Aremo Oba” has charged Nigerian youths to work hard in order to succeed in life.

Aremo Oba, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Aremo Oba Autos, one of the leading car dealers in the country, said ‘hard work always pays and Nigerian youths should embrace hard work.’

In an interview with Aremo Oba, he said he liked doing business as a child and in 2016 he decided to dabble into automobile business.

“As I am a business-oriented person who wanted to invest my savings in one business, I went into auto business. I had friends who were into automobile business and they were ready to carry me along. I began going to auto auctions in South Africa with them to buy cars and resell them in the country. That was how I started my auto business,” he said.

The Lagos State Polytechnic graduate and soccer lover, said that it is tough doing business in Nigeria, but stated that with hard work and perseverance, one would succeed in a business one does.

He, however, called on the government to make the business environment friendlier because, according to him, “Government cannot employ everyone; it should create an enabling environment so that entrepreneurs can thrive and grow the economy and employ more people in the process.”

Aremo Oba also called on the youths to be honest, adding that honesty pays in the long run. He said that young people should be focused, adding that they should be God-fearing in all that they do. Speaking on his plans for the 2020, he said he intended to work hard and expand his business.

Speaking on the ban on bikes and tricycles in Lagos State, he said the state government restrict them from plying express roads and allow them on streets in the state.

He said that tricycles and motobikes have become a major means of transportation, adding that some people who already invested in that business would suffer huge losses if the ban was not lifted.