ElizabethX Set to Release Debut EP ‘Xsistence’ in February

26 year-old singer/songwriter, ElizabethX , who turned a year older on the 6th of February, talks about why she named her debut EP “Xsistence” and how she came up with the name ElizabethX: “Initially, a few names bounced around, from XZENA to Victory Cruise, but ElizabethX was what I settled on in memory of Rahaile’s aunt who passed away; whose middle name was Elizabeth, whom also enjoyed singing! ElizabethX music is influenced by her childhood trauma, poor relationship with her parents, her dreams, world travels, heartbreaks, inner exploration, and abstract thoughts of the world around her and the songs on my EP are a mixture of my life experiences, dreams and my existence here in this world in my adult life. Xsistence is a play on the word existence using X instead of E since I’m ElizabethX.”

The talented musician with parents from West Africa; dad from Ghana and mom from Liberia, has a strong background which is linked to music as her mom plays the violin too. She is set to take her audience on a music journey which she believes would be timeless.

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