Leadership Principles in the Real World


Ugo Aliogo

The book “Dialogue with the Self” is an analogical piece written by Professor Wahab Owolawi which seeks to juxtapose leadership principles in an ideal society with the unattainable realities.

Set in the symbolic city of Niyod, Operosus the great traveller and seeker searches for answers to his questions on governance in this travel diary. The theme of leadership permeates this work where leaders are seen as time keepers of people’s power and servants of the people.

Leadership concepts such as beliefs, values, ethics and character are highlighted in the narrative which re-evaluates the concept of morality in the space of politics.

“Dialogue With The Self” further stresses self-realization as a quest to discover one’s self, deduce personal capacity, self determination and discovering one’s shortcomings and limitations.

The ideology of religion is appreciated by Operosus as he travels the city of Niyod. In the book, religion isargued for as a phenomenon flowing from one single source that is, the fundamentals of each religious sect is applicable to all of mankind. This is arguable.

The author demonstrated how religion has been applied as an instrument of force to foster selfish gains, political ambitions and amasss economic fortunes while at the same time, it is dispensed to perpetuate wars, violence, chaos and havoc all through history.

Just as every other ideology on earth evolves so would religion. Man is assured that someday all the divisive symbols of religion will be a forgone phenomenon, when the mandate of all religion would be far from an illusionary paradise or brimming hellfire but of an assurance of peace, pureness, tranquility and unity.

The book stipulates that man must strike a balance between good and evil, light and darkness, God and devil. These are images created by the subjective mind and celebrated by collective reasoning. Every one of those concepts is relative.

The author cites situations that were initially termed as ‘bad’ which eventually turned out good. Men that were once villains or heretics in the past who turned a new leaf to become saints. This it equates to the process of night turning to day. Man is admonished to accept with a sense of equanimity whatever happens in life.