Kamsi Alaribe: Every Role I Play Has Good Impact On Everyone


My Story

Alaribe Kamsi Jessica is an actress, a model, fashion enthusiast and influencer. She is one rising star that would delight producers and directors in casting her for their works. She is committed, original and a master of role-play. She tells Tosin Clegg about acting, modeling, her career, her fashion line and much more

How would you define acting?

Well, acting is expressing yourself but in another character or role. It gives you the opportunity to teach positive things to the world. My style of acting is seasoned with goodness and of a fine class. I’ve always loved acting since I was little, but I found myself in science classes which gave me headache.

 Works you have done so far?

For now, I have worked on No Good, which is a movie soon to be released, and I’m going to work on more movies by the Grace of God. I’m working on a project right now with “Director Phave” and we are hoping to shoot a movie soon. Besides these, I have featured in a lot of skits and productions.

 What makes you exceptional?

Well, I would say what makes me different from other actors is that I’m real, every role I play has good impact on everyone and I will always portray good behaviors in my scene and anything I do is always with passion. I have also learnt from other big acts and have blended their style into what I’m all about today.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I see myself as the biggest Nollywood star and brand owner of Kayscouture, which is the clothing brand I recently started. It’s a male and female outfit with a lot of interesting collections that would be unveiled as the year unfolds.