E-commerce Firm to Launch Affiliate Marketing System


An e-commerce platform for cryptocurrencies and gift cards Chiji14xchange is set to launch an affiliate marketing system on its platform that will help trading experts and non-traders to earn income in the African Bitcoin market especially in Nigeria.

Scheduled for a February launch,  the Founder and CEO of Chiji14xchange, John Odum said that the “Affiliate marketing or ‘referral marketing’ as some might call it, is one of the most powerful ways to generate income online.  Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s product (or service). You find a product, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. In other words, when you help another company generate sales, you get a cut,” he said, adding that it entails little or no risk at all.

“The best part is that you don’t have to spend the time and money to create your own products because someone else has already done the hard work. You can begin making money as an affiliate as soon as you have a place to recommend products, whether that’s a website you have, a podcast, or even on social media.”

Though affiliate marketing is a common term in the e-commerce industry but is yet to find its way into the cryptocurrency market and this could be attributed to the fluctuation in the value of various digital assets. Nonetheless, the affiliate system is coming in big into the bitcoin market and is ushered in by Odum’s platform.

The young man parades Chiji14xchange as one of the most popular platforms to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria, with apps on iOS and Google Play Store.

He further stated that  the initiative will change the bitcoin trading game and satiate the need to make a profit in the bitcoin market even without owning digital assets.

“This initiative is the first of its kind and will be of great value to players in the bitcoin trading game and those who have little or no knowledge about bitcoin trading.This initiative is set to take the crypto space by surprise as predicted and it will tremendously increase the number of people involved in the bitcoin market by over 200% as the affiliate system is open to a wider demographic of people than the existing engagement in the crypto space,” he added.

Odum is confident that cryptocurrency trading is a good investment. The graduate of Mathematics from Federal University of Technology, Owerri was introduced to bitcoin trading system in 2017 before founding his platform in 2018. He recalled with pleasure his experience so far in the bitcoin trading system.

“I was introduced to bitcoin around February 2017 and at that time, 1 bitcoin was worth almost  $900. But today, the value of that amount is worth $7,150, that is a whopping $6200 profit. I can confidently say that no other asset can boast of such growth during the stipulated  period.”

Chiji14xchange is based in Nigeria and provides services across Africa. It  is a major player in the cryptocurrency trading landscape by connecting users with  digital currencies or gift cards to trade with agents on the platform who will then confirm the validity of the currency and gift cards as well as process payments which are currently done via bank credit.