Tokunbo Abiru’s Polaris Bank Bags CBN Award

Polaris GMD's Photo

The corporate world has always been thought of as a dog-eat-dog world, a universe of fierce competition where industry sharks always emerge on top as lords of the jungle. Be that as it may, banking as a sector in this vast industry has had to carve out its distinctiveness, especially because where its sister sectors play for high-end profits, it is more attuned to the whims of its customers.

So as Polaris Bank bags the CBN award for the Best Deposit Money Bank (DMB) in consumer protection in the Nigerian banking industry, it is making a statement to its contemporaries.

The prestigious award was presented at the Jos Bankers’ Forum Annual Dinner and Award event which was put together by the Central Bank of Nigeria in an effort to acknowledge, reward and distinguish DMBs for their performance during the previous year. In other words, the event is a launching pad for whatever bank is deemed the captain, and others – for the rest of the year – strive to catch up and overtake.

Playing the role of a humble winner, the Managing Director/CEO of Polaris Bank, Mr. Tokunbo Abiru, appreciated the organizers for their efforts in selecting Polaris Bank among her ilk, as well as “recognizing its stellar performance in promptly resolving customer complaints”. He also added that the bank was doing its utmost best to resolve lingering customer complaints, such as ATM cash retract, excess charges and other E-channels problems of infrastructure.

Recall that Polaris Bank is the phoenix that emerged from the ashes of Skye Bank in 2018, a transformation that was by no means easy for the bank or its vast customer base.

However, with the intervention of a talented and experienced management board, Polaris rose higher and higher, and this DMB award is a testament to the work of the board and staff community of the high-flying bank.

Polaris Bank currently maintains a large and interactive branch network of over two hundred and sixty (260) branches in all parts of Nigeria. With its progressive operations and excellent customer service, Polaris Bank is undoubtedly standing firm among it peers.