Governor Rotimi Akeredolu Uniting All Warring Camps Ahead of Next Election


Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), the Governor of Ondo State, is doing all that he can do to make sure that all contentions, strife and the ensuing divisions within the state politico are resolved ahead of the next gubernatorial election.

Making concerted efforts to bring lasting peace to the Sunshine State, Mr. Akeredolu’s efforts are yielding expected returns in some areas; in others, not so much.

The governor, who has operated in his full capacity since February 2017, has always advocated for peace and unity in all areas of his state, and the country at large. This ambition goes beyond his practiced lawyering or the unquenchable passion with which he pursued his present political position – and aspires for continuity after the next elections.

Governor Akeredolu’s pursuits are not without merit, as Ondo State has seen – and continues to see – drastic changes upsetting the peace. The most recent of these changes, for instance, is the case of Mr. James Ajulo, chairman of the APC in Akoko Southwest local government area of Ondo State, who was kidnapped in his residence. With elections around the corner, concerned folks suspect that the kidnapping is politically motivated.

Another testament to Governor Akeredolu’s efforts at unification came by way of the appointment of Mr. Ade Adetimehin who was recently declared the chairman of the APC in the state. A timely intervention, as Mr. Adetimehin has since then taken hold of the battle rams of conflict within the party and called for resolutions.

According to the new chieftain, the efforts of Governor Akeredolu to bring an end to all crises have been successful and continue to be. This was particularly in response to the emergence of a governorship aspirant (from within the APC tribe) who alleged that there were divisions within the party and the governor’s efforts at unification were ineffective.

In any case, Governor Akeredolu’s dream of unity and peace might be sooner realized than expected, what with the elections not so far away, and comradery soon to be in very high demand.