Firm to Tackle Cyber Threat with Machine Learning Technology


Emma Okonji

Sophos, a firm that provides network and endpoint security services has announced the availability of Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR), a fully managed threat hunting, detection and response service, that will be driven by Machine Learning (ML) technology.

The re-sellable service provides organisations with a dedicated 24/7security team to neutralise the most sophisticated and complex cyber threats.
The types of threats that the emerging technology solution addresses, include active attackers leveraging fileless attacks and administrator tools such as PowerShell to escalate privileges; exfiltrate data and spread laterally. According to the company, attacks like these are difficult to detect since they involve an active adversary using legitimate tools for nefarious purposes, and Sophos MTR helps eliminate such threat.

The Chief Technology Officer at Sophos, Joe Levy, said: “Cybercriminals are adapting their methods and increasingly launching hybrid attacks that combine automation with interactive human ingenuity to more effectively evade detection. Once they gain a foothold, they’ll employ ‘living off the land’ techniques and other deceptive methods requiring human interaction to discover and disrupt their attacks.

“For the most part, other MDR services simply notify customers of potential threats and then leave it up to them to manage things from there. Sophos MTR not only augments internal teams with additional threat intelligence, unparalleled product expertise, and around-the-clock coverage, but also gives customers the option of having a highly trained team of response experts take targeted actions on their behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats.”

Built on Intercept X Advanced with endpoint detection and response (EDR), Sophos MTR fuses machine learning with expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and targeted actions to eliminate threats. The innovative capabilities according to the company, are based on Sophos’ acquisitions of Rook Security and DarkBytes technology.

The Expert-led threat hunting, is Sophos MTR that anticipates attacker behavior and identifies new indicators of attack and compromise. Sophos threat hunters proactively hunt for and validate potential threats and incidents, and investigate casual and adjacent events to discover new threats that previously couldn’t be detected.

Advanced adversarial detection is Sophos MTR that uses proven investigation techniques to differentiate legitimate behavior from the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers. Coupled with enhanced telemetry from Sophos Central, which provides a detailed, full picture of adversary activities as part of the service, the scope and severity of threats can be determined for rapid response.