Yutee Rone Celebrates Birthday in Style


A man’s delight is the testament to his taste, his greatest passion, and his highest satisfaction. Where many an average man makes his delight include coloured brick and tyres Bugatti. The deviant few take delight in their life partners and prove their devotion with a single creation or invention, such as the Taj Mahal; others make a habit of simply celebrating their boo. Julius Rone is one of these.

Julius Rone is a name, a brand, might and a man, all of which are synonymous with tested genius on land and overseas. The man’s business acumen is one kind (and one kine), something truly special, as the staff and clientele of his UTM Group will testify. But for all his industry and instinctive knack for where the rivers of success converge, he has a lovely wife, Yutee, whose worth Rone has demonstrated is not to be evaluated.

Yutee Rone herself is another force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian biz and industry. There are many legs of the nobility tree in the Nigerian fashion groove, but there are a few queens that stand out, and Yutee is one of these. Her designs are unique in that they are one of the few that have integrated the beauty of nature into them.

With two such masters in their respective industries, nothing less than excellent is to be expected, and that is exactly what their marriage is. Nothing says this like the lavish party boss Rone throws for his Yutee.

The birthday of 2019 was no less spectacular than the others. With guests from all walks of life (all monarchs and high chiefs in their various markets), Yulee’s birthday is always an intriguing soiree to soften all the blows that the year would have dealt out. Music, song, laughter and various other forms of merriment, Julius Rone never spares a kobo but helps her all the brighter glow.

Beyond the expensive food and wine, Rone’s celebration of Yutee sets the bar for how an invaluable woman is to be treated, and their dedication to their family and friends is something to be published, imitated and celebrated.